Know 7 Reasons Why You Should Cut Your Hair Short And Take The Plunge

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Changing hair often signifies more than just a change in style. Isn’t that why no makeover is actually properly done and complete without a change in hairstyle? Just think about the men and women in your life whom you know never dared to change their hairdo for a very long time, — same length, same flair, same color — probably ever since they were in grade school. A wrong choice of haircut, indeed, can take the time to correct, and that is also the very reason why many women are afraid to get their hair cut short.

Top reasons why you need shorter hair

If you’ve loved your hair long and past your shoulders for a very long time, here are the top reasons why you should start trying short haircuts right now:

1. Short hair brings more cold air to your hairdo.

This becomes even more important as the weather turns from cold and cool to warm and humid. End the heatwave on your head simply by giving yourself shorter hair. By the shorter hair, we do mean about your face shape, bulkiness and even your age.

2. Short hair is easier to manage.

Regardless of the season, shorter haircuts, in general, take you quicker to set in place. If you have fine strands, the only management you need is to wash and wear. You have to care about your hair’s natural texture and health status as well when you want a shorter ‘do. That’s because, roughly textured hair might, in fact, take longer to manage at a certain short length rather than when it is at least chin length. In which case, you may need more heat treatment and products to tame your hair — totally beats the supposed convenience of shorter hair — so, consult your hairstylist before getting a chop.

3. You get extra time to do other things.

A short haircut that compliments your hair’s natural features well will save you plenty of prep time. You can use that extra time to sleep in longer and probably focus more on upping your skin health, in which case you can look up how Ponds Age Miracle work out excellent benefits for your aging skin.

Saving yourself extra time might also mean you can fix yourself a healthier breakfast or, even better, allow you time to hit the treadmill that’s been left standing on the corner of your living area.
4. There are many styling techniques you can do to short hair.

If you have a big thing for hair, good for you, and you won’t have to worry that you will look the same day after day because there aren’t very many styles that you can wear with your short hair. These days, you can blow dry with a little bit of tease at the top, braid, little curl, wear a tiny clip or, even set cornrows for variety. Creativity knows no end even with short hair.

5. Short hair makes you appear bolder and more confident.

We believe that shorter hair gives women a stronger attitude to face life’s newer, more challenging challenges. Emma Watson sailed so herself, “I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair — I felt excellent in my skin.” That’s because short hair won’t allow you to hide behind long tresses. It’s always your face that’s on the line, forcing you to become more confident and uncompromising.

6. Older women getting shorter haircuts appear younger.

In general, the older you get, the more flattering shorter hair becomes. Small, tiny faces merit shorter hairs, whereas longer, squarer faces will be better complemented by short hair that is thoughtfully layered, and, in some cases, even curled and dyed to make a face appear softer. Large-sized females will benefit from short haircuts that are at least the length of their chains.

7. Women with shorter hair get plenty of attention.

Not very many women are bold enough to wear hair that’s noticeably shorter, even by men’s hair standards. That’s one reason why people you know and strangers alike turnaround for a second look and stare. This is why having a flawless, radiant skin is a requirement when you have bold, short hair.

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Welcome, change. Welcome shorter hair. It’s one way of varying not just your look but also, in updating your image and attitude. Let the real you show through.

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