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Why Christmas Party Invitations are the Secret Ingredient

Every year around this time I know that I will be getting several invitations to Christmas parties, some from good friends I can’t wait to see and some from virtual strangers I know from work. Now the first category is easy, these are after all your friends and I am looking forward to spending some fun time with them at their annual Christmas party.


Yes, we sometimes might have a bit too much of that Christmas Cheer at the party, but if they are good friends I can always crash with them and drive home tomorrow when it is safe for me to be on the streets. But how do I know if I truly want to attend a Christmas Party that Joe Blue from accounting puts on? I will tell you one way I decide, it is all in the Christmas Party invitations.

Creating Cool Christmas Party Invites

I have always felt that if you aren’t sure about the quality of the party you are invited to attend, take a good long look at that invitation. Is it fun with lots of great jokes? Then you will probably have a fun time and know that it will be casual.

If it is an elegant invitation on thick white paper, better dress up! Of course, if it is written on a paper bag and was stuck under your door, maybe you should rethink that RSVP and opt for another party! But paper invites aren’t the only option. These days, since just about everyone has an email address, email invites are a great way to go too!

Electronic Christmas Party Invites

Personally I love to put together my own specially designed invites when I throw a party. But not everyone is comfortable creating a party invite on a computer. If playing with fonts, sizing artwork and worrying about your DPI is not your idea of fun, you might just want to try out one of the many great electronic Christmas party invitations that have a template.

These are super easy to use because all you need to do is download the template that you think best reflects your party theme, add in the specific information such as when and where your party will be taking place and then email it out! It is so easy; you can get your kids to do it for you. Come to think of it, they will probably have an easier time doing it then you, if they are anything like my kids.

So this holiday season don’t just wait for the party invites to come in, send a few out too! Get into the holiday spirit early and start planning your own fun Christmas party. Just don’t forget to create some fun and imaginative party invites to draw in that cute guy or gal at the office! Happy Holidays!

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