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What Will The Apple Watch Offer Businesses?

apple-watch-6_1The Apple Watch launches on 24th April, but what benefits will the product offer the business community? Can it make your sales team smarter? Below are 5 of the best apps that will help those looking to improve business efficiency.

American Airlines

The American Airlines’ Apple Watch app provides pre-flight notifications for travellers. The app also lets you know when it’s time to leave for the airport, sends gate-change updates and information about connecting gates upon arrival, and tells you when it’s time to board if you’re not at you gate. The app also lets you check-in for flights - a must have for busy business travellers.


Evernote is an incredibly popular application used by those in business as a means of organising information and sharing data with co-workers.

The app lets users dictate new notes, search for notes (including those made near specific locations), and see recent notes on their wrists. The app lets Watch wearers set reminders and check off to-do list items, as well as start reading notes on the Watch and then finish them on an iPhone.

The IG Trading App

With the IG app, account notifications go straight to your watch and you can access markets from anywhere - you can open, edit and close positions while on the move.

The app also provides informative updates on upcoming macroeconomic events and allows trading on IG's full range of markets - forex, shares, indices, commodities, options, bitcoin and more.


Perfect for those needing to catch a last-minute ride to their next business appointment, the Uber Apple Watch app allows you to see how soon a car can arrive, a map view of the driver’s location, a photo of the driver, and details about the car, including license plate number. The app also provides notifications when drivers arrive.


Babbel has taken the personal nature of Apple's device and applied it somewhere new - language learning. Instead of learning a language in isolation, the Babbel app takes location into account when teaching its user new vocabulary.

The Apple Watch app lets business travellers learn foreign vocabulary in real situational contexts by detecting their location and providing the appropriate words related to the surroundings.

If business travellers are in an airport, for example, they might find translations for words like “departure” or “luggage.” If they’re in a cafe, they’ll learn words to easily order a drink.

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