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Ways to Clean Eyeglasses

Your eyeglasses must be cleaned regularly. You should do this in order for you to keep using them for a long time and, in turn, save money because of the duration of their usage. They should also be cleaned at intervals so that you can use them effectively from day to night. The recommendations listed below can be applied to different eyeglasses like tortoise shell glasses for women or minimalist metal frame eyeglasses for men. Read more to find out how to clean your eyeglasses.

How to Clean Your Eyeglasses

Keep your hands clean

Before you hold your eyeglasses, you must first keep your hands clean. You can opt to wash your hands first with soap and water before grabbing your tortoise shell glassesn. You can also use special liquid soap if you are sensitive to regular ones. It is important that you dry your hands with a microfiber cloth or anything that does not have any strands that will stick to your fingers. This is so that the threads will not transfer from your fingers to the eyeglasses. If you are not yet sure what type of cloth to use, you may first try drying your hands on a particular cloth and look at your fingers for fibers that may be stuck.

Rinse your glasses with water

When start cleaning the tortoise shell glasses, women must wash the glasses first with lukewarm water. This is to remove any dust or particles that may be easily removed through the washing. You should not use water that is too hot so that you will not accidentally remove any coating that your eyeglasses may have. You can also be more careful with lukewarm water by using a cloth to wipe away the gunk on the glasses and frames instead of running them into flowing water. You can do this so that you can prevent the water from seeping through holes and spaces where you do not want them to be.

Use a solution to clean each lens

After cleaning the lenses with warm water, you can then use a solution to clean the lenses. Most people use lotion-free dishwashing liquid so that the chemical will not be harsh on the lenses. The dishwashing liquid will also remove oils and grease that may have stuck on the lens surface. You can also use the liquid on the frame to clean the whole eyeglasses. Others who want to use a more sensitive solution may opt to buy special lens solutions for their eyeglasses. They are specifically manufactured for eyeglasses so that they will be kept clean regularly. With these solutions, you will be sure that the liquid you are using will not be harsh on the lens surface.

Rinse your eyeglasses with water

After cleaning the lenses and frames with the liquid solution, you can then wash them away with water. This will remove any of the chemicals as well as the removed dust and gunk from the eyeglasses.

Dry your glasses with a towel or cloth

Finally, you should dry your eyeglasses with a lint-free towel or a microfiber cloth. You should use these kinds of clothes so that they will not leave any lint or dust on the surface of the glasses.


You should always do your best to schedule maintenance on all the items that you own. And this includes your eyeglasses. Whether you own tortoise shell glasses women’s or more simple metal frame eyeglasses, you need to take care of them and regularly clean your eyewear. Aside from the steps and tips listed, you must also make sure that your cleaning materials are replaced after some use so that you will keep your eyeglasses scratch-free and without any chemicals or oils that they might have accumulated over time.

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