What Is Kigurumi

kigurumiWhen you are looking for something fun and comfortable, whether it is a night at home or a fancy dress party, it is worth turning to Kigurumi Onesies. They are an exciting company offering a range of top quality character and animal onesies for adults - who says that characters have to be for children? Kigurumi onesies have become extremely popular all over the world.

What Is Kigurumi?

The word Kigurumi is the name given to Japanese performers who dress up like various cartoon characters. They are entertainers and love to make people - children and adults - laugh and have a great time. In Japan, the character costumes are extravagant with large heads and they are often involved in parades, store openings and other major events.

Kigurumi Onesies to Bring the Fun Home

Taking the idea of the performers, onesies are now available for all to help bring the fun to the home. There are different available, including Disney's Care Bears, the characters from Sesame Street and other cartoon favourites, like Pokemon and Winnie the Pooh onsies. Along with that, there has been a move to general animal onesies.

In Japan, many of the Kigurumi onesies are now worn as comfortable pyjamas and an alternative to the usual dress. They are great for lazing around the house in or even to wear while out for a fancy dress party. They add light heartedness and fun into anyone's world.

Perfect for the Cold Winter Months

Part of what makes Kigurumi so special is that they are full body suits that are warm. They come in different materials, including fleece and polyester, allowing anyone to choose something that works for them. The material covers every inch of the body, with costumes available to cover the hands and feet, to make sure you are warm during those colder winter months.

While being made in a warm material, they are high in quality. They offer the best value for money, especially when you consider the attention to detail on the animal onesies.

Onesies are fun and comfortable, especially when you throw your favourite animals and cartoon characters into the mix. Originally a name for cartoon character performers in Japan, Kigurumi onesies have become a popular way to add style and laughter to homes all over the world.

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