Tips on Becoming a Model

Becoming a model goes much deeper than simply posing for a picture and looking beautiful/handsome in front of the camera. If you are really interested in becoming a model, there are some things you need to know.

You Have to Work Hard

Simply using your looks to get you where you want to be isn't normally going to work.

You Need to Know Your Market

male-modelWhat do we mean by this? To start with, this is all going to depend on the area you live in. There are certain looks and trends that are more popular in one area than the next. For example, if you live in the south, fashion show modeling isn't as common as commercial modeling for print occasions such as store sales papers, newspapers and magazines. If you live in a common suburban area, agencies won't be looking to that ultra-sexy look with silky hair and nice makeup like they are in bigger cities. They are more so searching for that sweet, natural look.

Locate a Good Agency

You definitely need to go out and find a good agency. Mind you, if the agency asks you for money up front, walk away. An agency should never ask a model for money up front. Go online and use Google to search for the top modeling agencies in your area - find them and check the Better Business Bureau's website to see if they are good or not. The best agency will understand your needs as a model and believe in you - they will never take money from you or put you in dangerous situations.

Don't Forget About Your Values

Many girls go into modeling with intentions of never forgetting who they are. However, before you know it, they are a completely different person. It is important that you do not forget your values. You should never sacrifice yourself to modeling. The modeling world can be laced with alcohol, wild parties, drugs, greed, rape and much more if you put yourself in the wrong crowd. Take it easy and make sure you choose the route to fame and not failure.

Practice Makes Perfect

It goes without saying that practice makes perfect. You shouldn't expect to walk up to a modeling agency, give a couple of poses and instantly have them sign you. You need to work yourself up and create a portfolio.

Get a Nice Headshot

Take a nice headshot of yourself. You won't get far without that headshot. Have a friend or a professional photographer take the headshot for you. With this picture, no photo-touching will be allowed. When you are preparing for this headshot, go light on the makeup and use a simple hairstyle. Modeling agencies despise photoshopped pictures, spiced up hairstyles and too much makeup. Remember, you really are pretty, so let that modeling agency see you for who you really are.

We're not going to lie to you, becoming a model can be complicated. If one agency declines you, don't give up on yourself - move on and look for the next agency.

Post supplied by Mark Stubbles. Mark writes for LeraBlog and Fusion Management, a leading London talent agency.

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