Different Types of Fabrics and How to Pick the Right One


Starting a new project is exciting because you have the freedom to make your ideas come to life. Whether deciding to sew a new skirt, quilt a blanket or embellish something plain, you need to ensure you select the right fabric. Using the wrong fabric in your project isn't advised because it can cause complications in the sewing, and the wrong fabric might look weird on a certain pattern. There are thousands of fabric options you can choose from, which makes selecting the right one for your project difficult. Luckily, this article will list some tips for picking fabric like a pro.

Different Types of Fabrics

It is important to familiarize yourself with different types of fabric so you can buy fabric online or in-stores without much hassle. Here are some common fabrics sold at craft stores and online stores:

#1. Satin: One of the most elegant types of fabric, satin is ideal for formal wear. Alas, this fabric isn't flattering on most body types because it clings to skin, thus exposing every roll of fat. You need to have some sewing experience prior to working with satin, and you also need to use the correct needle size as well.

#2. Chiffon: Chiffon is light and very transparent, and it is a great option for making an elegant dress or skirt. It can also be used to make bows and wedding adornments. You need to use a very thin needle for sewing with this fabric because it's very delicate.

#3. Cotton: Light yet sturdy, cotton can be used on most patterns. It's a great option for making summer clothing because it doesn't trap heat. It is also very soft, which allows plenty of movement. Cotton is a great beginner fabric because it's easy to manipulate.

#4. Denim: Denim is the blue fabric that's used to make jeans. It is very thick and requires the use of a big needle, but it is relatively easy to work with. It is a great option for making structured items like jeans and jackets.

#5. Tulle: The best fabric for tutus, tulle is a stiff, girly fabric that can be used to make dresses, ballet costumes and skirts. It is very easy to work with, which makes it one of the most used fabrics. You'll need a big needle to work with tulle because it's very thick.

#6. Lace: Lace features a beautiful openwork design that is ideal for embellishing clothes. You can use it to make elegant sleeves, or you can use it over lining for an elegant formal dress. It can also be used to make unique curtains.

#7. Lycra: This fabric is commonly used to make sportswear because it allows movement since it's very stretchy.

Selecting the Right Fabric

Formal wear: When making formal wear, it's important to select elegant fabric. Chiffon, tulle, lace, organza, satin, cashmere and similar fabrics work well for this purpose. When shopping for fabric in a store, make sure you inspect it carefully for holes or stains, and when you buy fabric online, make sure it's a reputable provider.

Sportswear: Whether making simple running pants or an elegant figure skating costume, it is important to look for stretchy fabrics that allow maximum movement. The fabric should also stay nice and cool so the athlete doesn't overheat. Nice fabric choices for sportswear include spandex, Lycra and stretch cotton.

Bags: You can use any fabric to make a bag. However, if you want to make a structured bag, choose structured fabric and vice versa.Curtains: Curtains are a great beginner project because they're simple to sew, and most fabrics work well to make them. Using cotton is a great option because it will keep your home nice and cool.

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