How and Where to Apply Perfume to Make Fragrance Lingering All Day Long?

It is believed that perfumes are synonymous to the personality of a person. If you are fond of perfumes, you must know the proper way of applying it so that the fragrance of the same remains with you all day long. The market is flooded with different kinds of branded perfumes, with varying fragrances.

It is true that almost all of us use perfumes, but we do not know the right areas of applying the same. Spritzing the perfume in the right places will make it last longer and you will remain fresh and fragrant all throughout the day. Mentioned below are some tricks of applying perfume in the right places:

Proper way to apply perfume

Proper way to apply perfume

If you think applying perfume is easy and simple, you might need to think twice. Yes, you need to spray or dab the same. If it is a solid perfume compact, just swipe it. Never ever rub the area after applying the perfume as it breaks the molecules of the perfume and the fragrance is lost.

Apart from spraying and dabbing perfume on the body, many people like spraying the perfume in air and walk through the same. It is true that the perfume settles on you overall, but lots of perfume goes wasted as well. If you are tight on budge regarding the perfume, it is better to refrain from this idea completely.


Another important tip for applying perfume is to apply the same before wearing clothes and jewellery. If it is applied after the jewelry and clothes are worn, there are chances of stain development on the garment or on the jewelry piece, particularly on pearls and metals.

Places where applying perfume makes it last longer

1. Ears

The area behind the earlobes is a pivotal area of applying perfume for making it stay longer and stronger. At this pulse point, the body is warmer and this helps in enhancing the effect of the perfume. For an amplified effect, try applying some fragrance on the top area of the ear as the skin is not that dry in that area.

perfume for ear

2. Wrists

Application of perfume on the inner sides of the wrists makes it last longer. The enhanced heat in the body part helps in amplifying the effect of the fragrance. Sometimes dabbing little perfume on the back of the hands also gives long-lasting effect.

perfume for wrists

3. Hair

You might not know but perfumes tend to stick to fibers and this is the reason they stay for long on hair strands. When you are going out, having subtly perfumed hair will definitely make you happier and more confident. There are chances that applying direct perfume on the hair can have drying effect. In that case apply some perfume on the hair comb and brush through the hair. a mild perfume will spread throughout the hair.

4. Collarbone and décolletage

The collarbone, neck, shoulders and back area are great pulse points for perfume application. The bone structure is bit deep in these areas and the perfume settles well here.

5. Inside the elbow area

Inside of the elbows is a pulse point for applying perfume. The fragrance is enhanced and has a long-lasting effect as well when applied on this area.

Try these tips and tricks and see how fragrant you remain throughout the day!


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