Buying Guide for Skirts for Ladies over 40

When you are in your 40s, you start getting advices over style that you should dress according to your age. Apparently, those are useful advices, as you need to consider your age before choosing an outfit for yourself. It doesn't mean that you won't look good in a casual outfit, but as the casual outfits generally considered as young adults' territory, sometimes it doesn't suit older women. Even the fabrics and designs also vary depending upon the age. If you are looking for dull colors and unshaped outfits as you are growing old, don't do that. You are only 40, not 60. You can go for floral designs, bright colours, etc. You can wear any kind of outfit you want, starting from skirt to jeans.

The best skirt style

If you like wearing skirts, you need some guidance before picking one. Understand your body type and buy according to that. There is no need to go for anything loose because of your aging. Buy something that can compliment your body and make you attractive.

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• Pick skirts fitted around the hips, such as a bias cut or A-line. Look for a pleated and flattering A-line skirt. It looks nice, especially on curvy women and when you have wider hips, wider shoulders or bigger legs.

• Straight skirts looks look if you got a bigger hip portion. They look flattering on most of the older women.

• Another skirt popular option of skirts is trumpet skirts. Fitted at the waistline and flared at the hem.

• An asymetric skirt also looks good on older women, as it doesn't look trendy, but never go out of fashion.

Other types are:

• A Pleated skirt also looks good, with pleats starting little bellow from the waistline. However, small pleated skirt can age you.

• Denim skirt can go too if it is not too short. Knee length looks best on aging women.

• If you have a straight figure, Balloon skirts is best for you as that will create an illutsion about your hip and will give more shape.

• Full skirt always looks good on ladies. However, you need to be a little tricky to choose the length and style. It can go tight top, or blazer with a belt around the waist.

• Long skirt can overwhelm you and look nice.

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The best length of skirts

Over 40s, the skirt length that always flattered women are knee length. What is so admiring about this look is that it shows of your full calve. It creates a slimming elongated look. Avoid buying skirts that show the thickest area of the calves. If your height is short, you can go for little shorter lengths. But to play safe, knee length will be the best. No matter what color, fabric or length you are choosing, it should go according to your personality. The outfits should show of the best features of your body and hide the flaws.


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