The Hacks to Get that Long Beautiful Nails

Long perfectly trimmed nails with a dark shade of polish is always on a girl’s top priority list as far as fashion is concerned. This particular trend is something that never gets old. From Victorian times till today flaunting long red painted nails is considered to be very trendy. But what if the nail cracks on the edge? It is a girl’s worst nightmare. But there is not much to worry as there are ways to fix it, without the pain of parting away from the long painted nail.

long beautiful nail

Prevention is always better than cure

Before going into the detail as how to fix a broken nail, first it is necessary to understand what causes the nails to break and how can it be prevented.

Why does a Nail Break?

  • Iron deficiency
  • Fungal infection
  • Applying low quality nail polish
  • Leaving the nail paint on the nails for too long
  • Medical conditions
  • Excessive exposure to water

How to prevent nail breaking?

  • Include protein and iron rich foods in your diet like almonds, chickpeas, meat, milk, eggs etc.
  • While washing dishes or gardening always avoid doing it with bare hands. Wearing rubber gloves is highly advisable.
  • Going for regular manicure and pedicure is also necessary for healthy nails. Toe nails in general are prone to fungal infections which comes to notice only after a week or around 10 days. But, a professional easily understands an ongoing fungal infection in the nail bed.
  • It is recommended to remove nail paints every week to avoid drying of the nail bed and consequently its cracking.

But even after prevention it may happen that the nail still breaks or it is not always possible to minutely follow all the prevention methods. Then what to do? Part with the long grown nails?

Basically there are a few ways which always comes to the rescue in such situations.

How to save the cracked nail?

  • If the crack is minor, the edge of the nails can be clipped with a nail cutter and filed properly. Following this two coats of nail paints can be applied.
  • If the nail crack is major first carefully wash the hands or the feet, towel dry carefully. Then cut a tiny piece of the tea bag, 25% of the size of the nail and place it on the broken part with the nail glue. Allow it to dry. Once it dries up, apply two coats of nail paints and bingo the nail is saved. But, after applying this process it is necessary to keep in mind that rubber gloves are a must while washing clothes or dishes and gardening in case of the hands and socks are a must in case of the feet.

To save the cracked nail it is always better to apply gel nail paints rather than the acrylic ones. Gel nail paint comes with its own benefits. Nail paints are mainly applied to protect the nails as wells as give that trendy look. Acrylic paints generally chips off easily which can be a turn off for a fashionista. On the other hand, the gel paints gives a shiny and chip free look, with the best part being it comes in a wide range of colours. Local nail paints which are generally sold on the street shops are hard on the nails and causes a good amount of damage to the nail bed. But, gel nail paints are of high quality and are not at all harsh on the nail bed.

Therefore, the bottomline is to get that trendy look without worrying about the nail paint chipping off, go for the gel nail paints. Simultaneously with gel paints, eat healthy nails will look elegant and trendy forever and always.


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