Everything You Need to Know about the World’s Most Popular Corset

Corsets have been a women’s fashion staple for well over 300 years. In recent years, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba have popularized the waist training corset variation. Now, more than ever, corsets aren’t just an antique reminder of old age beauty. They are a necessity for modern feminine style. And though you may have seen the waist trainer corset in your Instagram feed, it’s actually the Steampunk corset that’s the most popular.

The History of Steampunk Culture


Before you can understand the popularity of the Steampunk corset, you need to know the basics about Steampunk culture. Outside of fashion, Steampunk is actually a literary subgenre of science fiction that incorporates technology and designs inspired by industrial steam-powered machinery. The novels and stories often take place in alternate versions of the Victorian era or Wild West. They also take place in post-apocalyptic futures or fantasy worlds.

In fashion, Steampunk-inspired looks bring to life the aesthetic from Steampunk books. Aside from corsets, Steampunk fashion often includes bustles, gown, and petticoats. The first official Steampunk clothing line, Steampunk Couture, was founded in 2005 by Kate Lambert. Many brands, including Versace, Christian Dior, and Prada, have tackled Steampunk fashion on the runway in recent years. And even reality series like Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model have dedicated challenges to the aesthetic.

Definition of a Steampunk Corset

Corsetdeal_Underbust_Steel_Boned_Corset_NDS-102_F_largeSteampunk corsets pull aesthetic inspiration from the subgenre’s novels of fantasy and historical fiction. Reminiscent of the Victorian era, many of Corsetdeal’s Steampunk corsets are accented by metal clasps, buckles, and brass embellishments. These corsets provide comfort and structure, but effectively bring the pages of Steampunk fiction into reality.

Why Should You Buy A Steampunk Corset?


There are quite a few reasons to buy a Steampunk corset. If you’re looking to add some sensual yet adventurous edge to your overall look, this corset is the perfect choice. Additionally, avid fans of Steampunk novels can use these corsets to bring their favorite characters and scenes to life. There are even examples of singers and musicians wearing Steampunk corsets onstage to add a high-fashion edge to their outfits.

In step with our other corsets, Corsetdeal’s Steampunk corsets are all authentically steel-boned. Our top-selling style, the Bertram Steampunk Corset, is a brocade overbust corset with a 100% cotton lining and metal clasp front opening. The Bertram Corset perfectly combines the best of both Steampunk and Gothic cultures. And those customers who’ve made the purchase are raving about how beautiful and well-made the garment is.

Why CorsetDeal?

CorsetDeal is the biggest online retailer of numerous, top-quality corset styles including Steampunk, Gothic, and Waist Training options. With more than 75,000 units of stock, CorsetDeal is sure to satisfy all of your fashion needs. Led by head designer Suman Bharti, our design team works tirelessly to celebrate the female form through gorgeous, industry-leading designs and the best materials.

Whether you’re an avid Steampunk fan or a novice hoping to purchase your first corset, Steampunk corsets from CorsetDeal will help you turn heads and transform your look.


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