How to Choose Frames that Best Accentuate Your Face

eyeprotection3Whether you’re shopping for sunglasses or a pair of designer optical frames, it’s important that you get a set of frames that are going to match your head properly. Not all eyeglasses are the same, and some will look better on you than others. That’s why so many people spend time trying on many different pairs of glasses before deciding on the ones that they like the best. You can save yourself time and trouble by learning the shape of your face and which glasses look the best on it and which you should avoid. It won’t take too long at all for you to learn this important information, and doing so will help you look your best whether you buy your glasses in person or you pick up eye wear online. Learn how to choose the right eyeglasses down below and you’ll be able to shop with confidence.

Round Face

If you have a round face your frame options are a bit more limited, but you can still pick out a highly complementary pair once you know what you’re shopping for. People with round faces have soft angles at both the brow and the jaw lines. To really maximize your look, pick out a set of rectangular frames. To improve your look even more you can get a set of narrow rectangular glasses that tip up at your eyebrows and pull your eyes upwards slightly. You’ll love the look of glasses, such as N13 from Hyde’s Spectacles, because they’ll fit your look just right.

Heart Face

Heart shaped faces are pretty easy to pick out. If your face looks like an upside-down triangle and it’s wider at the top while being quite narrow at the bottom you likely have a heart shape. You have a few good options to pick from with a heart-shaped face. The first is glasses that are wider at the bottom than they are on top. This brings a bit of balance to your look overall and will compliment your face shape nicely. Oval or rounded frames will look nice on your face as well and you should get thinner frames over thicker ones whenever you can. You’ll notice right away how much of a difference the right glasses make on your look.

Square Face

Square faces are known for being very defined, while having a pretty flat jawline. If your face looks pretty straight at the sides and your jawline isn’t very soft you likely have a square face. To soften up your jawline you can pick out a set of oval frames that are quite narrow in terms of width. They will make your face look longer and softer. Take a look at most oval and round options available and consider one of them to really compliment your face. There will be many of each of these types available to pick from, so try to choose a color and design that’s going to compliment your eye color and your typical outfit choices.

Oval Face

If you have an oval shaped face, which means that you have a slight contour along the sides of your face and a narrower top and bottom than the sides, you have a large number of options when it comes to picking out eyeglasses. You will look good in most glasses and won’t have trouble finding a pair that you like, but the best options for you are either walnut shaped glasses, or frames that are close to the full width of your head or a bit wider than your head. These will help preserve the attractive oval shape of your head, and really help you look your best overall.

Oblong Face

Oblong faces tend to be quite long and thin in shape and highly symmetrical. It’s important to pick out a set of frames that aren’t going to put your well-balanced face out of balance and help you enhance your look even more. You should consider aviator frames or square shaped frames that are relatively even both top and bottom in terms of width. These glasses don’t change the look of either the top or bottom of your face more than the other so that you can maintain that balance nicely.

Once you know what type of face shape you have, you can easily find fashionable optical frames online that are going to improve your look and help you feel even more confident than you already do. With so many different frame options available to you it can be difficult to pick out the best option for you. That doesn’t mean you should just guess at one, instead take your time and really figure out what is going to work best for you. Quality frames will cost you a bit more than the standard options, but they’ll look good on your face and make you feel good.


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