The Best Jewellery Styles for Office Wear

Wearing the right outfit and accessorising it correctly is very important, more so if you are an office goer. This is because it speaks a lot about your character, personality, and professionalism. Wearing formal suits, tops etc. can be quite boring and monotonous unless they are paired with some sort of jewellery to make it look interesting and elevate your personality. Accessorising with the right jewellery can change even the most basic suits into something stylish and elegant.

Rather than opting for something very boring and basic, use the below tips to know how to opt for the best jewellery styles for office.

Know the Rules

Before finalizing the jewellery to wear to office, ensure that you know the rules. Check if there’s a policy of ‘no jewellery’. A few offices might not permit wearing specific kinds of jewellery. Rather than being caught for wearing something inappropriate, get to understand what’s allowed and what’s not. Even in case there are no rules, gauge the office atmosphere and accessorise accordingly. If the atmosphere is conservative, don’t be too showy. If it is a casual and smart atmosphere, you can try experimenting with bold accessories.

The Key Is to Enhance and Not Exaggerate the Look

You need to complement your outfit and subtle jewellery is perfect for it. Wear simple, elegant and sleek pieces like a thin diamond bangle, delicate studs in gold, pearls or diamond etc. This helps the structure and tone of your outfit to stand out. The key is to enhance your look with elegance but without exaggerating. This can instantly add grace and charm to any outfit, while also complementing your lady-boss vibes.

Simple Yet Elegant

Simple diamond and pearl jewels have always been a popular choice for office wear. The reason is that they complement almost all kinds of outfits, oozing glamour and sophistication. You can invest in pearl jewellery if diamonds are out of the budget. Like diamonds, pearls are also known to create a timeless and sophisticated aura and are perfect to complement almost any outfit both traditional and western. If you are going for a pearl necklace for office wear, choose the length such that it doesn’t go past the bustline. Choose subtle pearl or diamond jewellery in muted tones. If you are not sure which colour to choose, white is always a safe choice.

Less Is More with Dainty Minimalist Jewellery

Minimalist jewellery is the apt option for office wear. It gives you a clean and sophisticated look. You can never go wrong with minimalist jewellery even when you are wearing a business professional or a power suit. These can also be layered together and still make you look professional along with fashionable. Minimalist jewellery is the perfect way to express your personality in a powerful yet subtle way. The wearer reflects a polished, refined and sophisticated feminine look.

You Can Add Length

You can add length using long neck pieces. The longer neck pieces are quite versatile and can be coordinated with a variety of office outfits. Wear a long chain neck piece with a pendant or precious stone. These pendants and chains are available in a variety of metals, colours and textures. The rule to coordinate it is simple. Choose colours cohesively – it can be monochromatic or complementary. If this simple rule is followed, the long pendant neckpieces will add a personality and a sparkle to your office outfit.

Show Your Personality with Statement Pieces

Make a statement by setting your unique identity with distinctive jewellery selections for office wear. Create statement pieces of jewellery to show your personality. You can achieve this by using simple jewels like bracelets, rings, studs and necklaces. Layer two or more simple chains or add charm pendant to bracelet. You can even add a nice brooch or cufflink to your shirt. Infuse your personality by thinking of such creative ideas that show your interests.

Experiment with Patterns

Don’t shy away from experimenting with patterns. You can add a midi ring to complement your everyday go-to ring. Wear the perfectly-fitted diamond bangle or bracelet and then carry with you an intricately designed office bag to add that touch of oomph and style.

The whole idea of wearing accessories is to infuse your personality. There are ample of statement pieces available out there, which can be used for it. This includes simple and subtle jewellery pieces like studs, bracelets, rings and neckpieces. Layering the minimalist pieces leads to many interesting and elegant combinations. All you need is a little creativity and some tips and tricks for layering different jewellery items.

The basic idea is that when wearing jewellery in office it should send the right message, which is of poise, confidence, professionalism and your flair for fashion! Create an everlasting impression at your workplace with these tips!

If you have any questions, please ask below!