Selecting The Best Dress For The Big Prom Night

The Prom night is the big event every high school student looks forward to. This is the big night where teens look forward to wearing their best dress and having the time of their life. This is the night where a young girl enters the door to adulthood. It is no wonder that every girl would like to have the best dress to wear for the big event. So, how does a girl decide on that perfect dress for prom night? Here are a few pointers.

Plan well in advance

The date for the prom night is usually known well in advance. So planning to buy prom dresses can start four to six weeks in advance. This helps you to look at various options and shortlist a few before you buy the best one.

Decide on what you want

Before you start searching for a prom dress, you need to first decide what you want. You can do this by browsing through fashion magazines and of course, searching online. Decide on what fabric of prom dress you want. You can choose between satin, velvet, lace, and chiffon. Once you get an idea of what you want, visit any of the boutiques selling proms and look around, so you can get a better idea of the various types of dresses in the market.

Decide on a budget

The budget is, without doubt, an important part of the process of selecting a prom dress. Not everyone has an unlimited budget. You can look at various cheap prom dresses that are within your budget and also classy. Thanks to the booming fashion industry and the growth of online shopping, the best dresses are available for you. You can blend together style and budget to get the best dress. Finalize your budget – of course, you need to sit with dad and mom before doing this.

Know the prom rules

Some high schools may have rules regarding the type of prom dress allowed. Make sure you know what kind of dresses are prohibited. For instance, your school may prohibit strapless dresses or plunging necklines. It’s highly advisable that you find this out initially, else you may be in for a nasty surprise before the prom, which can upset your plans.

Dress and body type

The dress you buy must match your body type; else it would look awkward and would create a poor effect, spoiling your big night. The first thing is to understand what your body type is. If you have an hourglass figure, then you can consider prom dresses that accentuate your waist. With a rectangular body shape, you need to get a dress with volume on both upper and lower body. A pear body shape would call for a dress that focuses on your shoulders and upper body. In case of an apple body shape, your prom dress must create the impression of a slim waist.

Face and neckline

The neckline also needs to be kept in mind while selecting the prom dress. This has to match with your face type. If you have round type of face, you can look at dresses with V-neck and you should shun a high neck dress. With a triangle type of face, you can opt for a neckline with a vertical shape that adds curves to your face. If your face type is square, you can again opt for vertical shaped necklines. In case you have a long type of face, go for a wide neckline and avoid V-necklines.

Online shopping

The internet is a big boon today for shoppers. You can virtually get anything online. So, once you have decided the type of prom dress you want, the fabric and of course the color, you can then start serious shopping. You can visit a number of stores to check out different types and try them out. Once you are clear about the dress you want, look for the dress online.

In all probability, you will find the dress you liked online and it will be at a better price. Look for online discounts. Check out the terms, especially related to exchanges. Once you find the best dress and price, go ahead and add it to the shopping cart and click buy. You are on your way to get ready for the big night.

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