How to Get Trendy Shoes this Spring Season

Creeper Shoes“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress,” Hubert de Givenchy would say. See, people who are in tune with their unique sense of fashion and style sense understand that putting together fashion requires a philosophy. Fashion icons like de Givenchy need more — and, that’s what’s called a vision.

Vistas of Spring 2017.

Having seen the best of the just concluded fashion seasons in four of the best attended fashion week series around the world, the Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris, we have taken a glimpse at a handful of the most innovative and most wearable Spring season shoes that can be literally taken off of the runways and worn to the streets y the rest of us.

Here are the latest in footwear and the pairs of shoes you got to be acquainted with right now:

Pompom shoes.

This pair has not exactly been visible on the runways but, it has been spotted on a number of online fashion influencers. Not surprisingly, this pair of goodies have quickly attracted a mass cult following and we’re pretty sure that the most fashion forward women in your network will be rocking them soon — well, they probably are already so, what are you waiting for?

Combat boots.

We hear you! So 80s and 90s, aren’t they? And, they’re back! Careful with your choices though. Don’t wear them like it you’re literally being shipped back three decades ago. Make sure to get them with the facelifts: the studs and the buckles. Check out the Fausto Puglisi show. Or, you can also opt for their platform counterparts, what’s now being called platform creepers. Check out what went down at the Coach runways for inspiration.

Bow-tie stiletto sandals.

The Dsquared2 sandals tied to a satin bow were simply adorable. The beautiful creations draw even more interest with the embellishments added towards the front of the shoes.

Another equally interesting piece from the same collection is also a stiletto sandals with covered heel raised to the mid calf that had tassels and braided strings tied around the leather structured base. These showstoppers will definitely redefine how ankle strapped sandals are worn this season.

Care for a third wheel? Another alternative inspiration for you will have to Miu Miu’s suede pumps that are so richl textured and adorned with a satin bowtie

Platform closed shoes.

We’ve seen the closed shoes resurrected in the previous years. This season, this pair is getting a major and most welcome overhaul, thanks to Gucci. Get ready to work those platform shoes, beautifully studded front, back and center, all the way down to the heel. The bejewelled pieces alone are going to make you feel luxurious and extravagant.These are about to become one of the most defining spring season shoes of the year 2017.

Studded velvet pumps.

There have been all sorts of beautiful things from the dress to the hair, bags and down to the toes on the Dolce and Gabbana runways since last year. Unlike most other fashion shows where there’s just one or two pieces tweaked over and again, in the D&G collection, the show is literally a feast for the eyes. It’s so hard to pin down what your most favorite piece in the collection is. That said, the studded velvet pumps is just one of so many other adorable pieces from D&G but, this pair will be one of spring’s staples.

Flat, platform sandals.

Always ready to stroll and yet remains super fashionable, this pair is absolutely the only thing you’ll need throughout spring and summer. Made with rubber soles, you can easily pair up with any of your basic casual ensemble from denims to flowy floral dresses.

Gucci loafers.

This pair has been a classic for decades now. This season, they’ve just received a facelift! They are just as comfortable as they’ve always been only this time, Gucci is adding in more luxury in the form of furs — yeah, we know, fur on flat shoes? Exactly! That extravagant addition is what’s gotten us all so excited about this new shoe trend.

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When it comes to footwear fashion, style matters but your own comfort matters more. Before you pay your hard earned dollar on that pair, you better put them on and try to walk around them. If something feels wrong, leave it. There are so many shoes, you’ll find the one that fits you just right.


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