Holiday Season Fashion Tips for the Christmas of 2017

theryhetyThe season of parties is starting, but it brings the age old question of ‘What to wear?!’ Well, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look stunning. These simple holiday season fashion tips will allow you to come up with beautiful outfits that can fit any type of event. With a heavy focus on accessories mixed with timeless classics, you’ll impress everyone with your party looks.

1. Liven up the classic LBD

LBD, also known as little black dress, is the most classic party dress ever created. It’s a must-have element in any woman’s wardrobe and can be worn to a corporate Christmas celebration or a mixer with friends. In fact, you can even wear it to a night out in the club.

The trick here is to complement the classic dress with accessories and other elements that’ll make it fit the theme and style of the occasion. This can be achieved in any way from adding a velvet cardigan or a chiffon blouse to wearing large stylish accessories.

2. Go for glitter and gold

This season’s holiday fashion states that you can literally shine at a party. Gold and glittery outfits are the rage of this winter, and you are sure to see them at any party. The variations are endless, from sexy half-transparent sequin dresses to golden silk trousers.

You can have your whole outfit glittering or only an element of it. Thinking of the previous tip, a combination of gold and black looks nothing short of stunning.

3. Wear original jewelry with plain dresses

If you are fond of simple classic dresses, y9ou can still stand out with original jewelry. Luckily, today you don’t have to wear a diamond collier that’s worth half of the country’s budget. In fact, large original pieces made with affordable materials are the hottest trend today. Focus on originality, like a moon phase necklace with black Swarovski crystal in pewter or a vintage statement necklace with glass beads.

4. Get a velvet suit

If dresses aren’t your thing, velvet is the hottest material for pantsuits this season. No one is sure of how this fashion trend started, but 2017 is the year that velvet came back to the forefront. Celebrities the world over are loving it, and you are sure to see a few pieces made with the royal material on every red carpet.

While velvet dresses are impressive, it’s the pantsuits in uniform color that really steal the Christmas parties this year.

5. Dress in merlot

When it comes to colors, top holiday season fashion tips from pros state that merlot is the shade of this winter. Yes, the beautiful and rich shade of red wine is what you should look for if you want to make a statement at any event. It’s close to classic black but distinctive enough to stand out. Wine-colored dresses are best for formal events where dress code can be ‘chocking’ to your creativity.

And don’t forget that it’s not only dresses that come in this lovely color. You can even find merlot velvet today.

6. Get bold with fabrics

Today, one can get really bold and creative when designing party outfits. The world of fashion values originality and stylish combinations of things that seem impossible to combine.

Like this lace and leather combo:

Of course, wearing an outfit like this takes courage and designing it requires an impeccable taste. If you want to go for something of this kind, it’s best to stick with neutral colors and avoid large accessories.

7. Focus on party shoes

You don’t have to wear a dress that will stand out. In fact, wearing statement shoes with a classic A-line LBD is a key to subtly proving your superior fashion sense. It’s another great solution for formal events with stifling dress code.

Getting a pair of stunning party shoes is also a great way to transform an office look into one fit for a party. A quick change in your office and you are ready to enjoy cocktails with co-workers. Just remember that neither your accessories or dress should outshine those stunning shoes.

Holiday Season Fashion Tips: In Conclusion

The fashion of today is eclectic and welcomes nearly anything as long as it’s original and ‘not like the rest’. This allows you a lot of flexibility in building a party image that reflects your personality perfectly.

If you have any questions, please ask below!