Game-Changing Innovation

The prevalence of leggings today does a great job expositing this new and trendy clothing item’s success in the 21st century. Leggings are lightweight, effectively showcase physique, and are now commonly available however you’d prefer them. In fact, they’re so ubiquitous one wonders why this fashion trend didn’t come about sooner. The answer is technology.


Flexible fiber technology produced with increasing quotients of industrial-grade production and hand-made refinement are more affordable and well-managed than ever. Before these innovations hit the fashion world, there weren’t available fabrics requisite to the task—at least not in an affordable way; and certainly not designed to individual client specifications. The change began in 1958.

Spandex came to the market in that year, and ever since, similar kinds of stretch fabric have been developed. It’s quite fascinating when you take a moment to explore these innovations. Fibers have been developed which can stretch in four directions, and in a way completely foreign to designers for hundreds of years.

Part of what has made this possible is a combination of both available resources and technological application of customization. These have combined as the trend has expanded, and now this style is becoming a staple of any wardrobe; but is especially necessary in a variety of trendy physical pursuits.

Physically Exemplary Clothing

From yoga to ballet, leggings provide extreme range of motion with retention of delicacy and comfort of wear. Now that dye sublimation printing allows extended customization, they can be used to display any whim of the buyer.

Though some will order large numbers of leggings with a singular design, for things like dance performance or theatrical productions, others will commission distinctly unique designs. The advantage today is that you can send your preferences to agencies who will apply them cogently, and sent you a proof before making anything.

Nothing Under Par

Leggings can be obtained today which are vetted in their flexible effectivity as well. According to Move U, their Move U custom leggings are appropriate for virtually any situation, and especially excel in areas of high physical activity, because the makers have “…done multiple fitting sessions on dancers and other athletes to make sure you won’t be held back from peak performance.”

One of the early problems with fabrics like elastic was the ease with which such fabrics became compromised. Over the last 49 years, developments have expounded on themselves such that going the customized legging route may bring you a pair of favorite pants that stay in your wardrobe for decades.

The stretch fabric will retain comfort and shape while yet expanding or contracting with its owner. That’s life, though! The holidays are terrible to pants, and then the best pairs must be left behind; and what are you left with? Discomfort, or boring pants. Not so with leggings; and especially not so when you consider additional, creative applications.

Costuming Excellence
Because leggings can be designed online, then sublimation dye-printed into reality, they represent one of the most cost-effective ways to costume characters in a play or on a television show. Additionally, these make great, simple, astonishing costumes possible.

If you want a Halloween costume that is exceptional and worth the investment on the back-end, you’ve got a lot of potential going the customized legging route.

Between physical accentuation, cost-effectiveness, customizability, and general all-purposefulness, customized leggings have earned themselves a designated portion as a staple of the modern wardrobe. They also represent an encouraging trend in fashion: that of individual design. Today, you can truly express the colorful you that lives inside in a way you can be proud of.

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