Five Fancy Hairstyles Trending This Winter

fancy-short-hairstyleWhile spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, winter is the season of high-end fashion and experiments. The latest fashion shows didn’t just amaze the world with gorgeous clothes and accessories, but with chic and stylish hairstyles and haircuts that all women loved. So this winter everything is about adding some glamor and pushing some boundaries – celebrities, models, and trendy socialites are all on the same page this season: some fancy hairstyles just need to be tried and adapted to the . The best thing is that we can learn a thing or two from them and get a new stylish hairdo to rock the city.

If you are in need of a new fresh look but you are not willing to make radical changes, like chopping off your locks and bangs or get some complicated curling treatment, you are in luck. This winter’s trends are more into revamping classic hair styles and bringing them forward from new perspectives. Today we will take a look at five fancy hairstyles trending this winter that work miracles no matter what type of hair you have – there’s a little treat for everybody!

1. The Old Ponytail with New Sections

If you love your hair long and don’t want to drastically change your hairdo, you can stick to your guns this winter and remain faithful to your classic ponytail. But, as we said, you can also make some dramatic fancy tweaks to it so you can give Alicia Vikander a run for her money.

How to Do It:

  • Place your hair together in a side ponytail starting from right behind your ear, securing it with an elastic band.
  • Measure the length of your ponytail and add elastic bands at regular intervals, making sure you secured the ends as well.
  • Pull out hair strands from each section until you get the exact amount of fluff and messiness you desire.

This hairdo is a fancy alternative to the side braid and looks amazing with any trendy winter 2016 hair color.

2. The Contemporary French Twist

As all hair specialists agree, twists are easier and faster to make, which is a great thing for beginners. Luckily for everybody, this winter is all about twists and turns, building on classics and giving them a modern, fresh look.

How to Do It:

  • Get your medium or long straight hair into a classy French twist and make sure it stays the way you want it by securing it with pins.
  • Here comes the plot twist: instead of tucking the hair in for a neat, tidy look, flip the ends outwards for a more laid back, yet elegant updo.

3. The Return of the Spice Girls

If for a second you hoped the lovely artists would get together for a new musical tour, we are sorry to disappoint – when we talk about the return of the Spice Girls, we mean the return of everything the 90s had best and funkiest. One such example is the double bun updo Ciara sports as of late, a quirky way of showing that you are a trendy woman afraid of nothing. This hairstyle is perfect for the dark burgundy hair color. It may not go well together with a formal corporate environment, but it will make you stand out of the pack at parties and chic events.

How to Do It:

  • The top part of your hair should be nicely parted from the lower part.
  • Split the top part into two equal sections (like two pigtails on top of your head, each on one side).
  • Twist up each side section and pin down or secure with elastic band.
  • The remaining lower part of your hair should be worn up front on your shoulders if you have long hair or fluffed up and messy on the back of your neck if you have naturally curly hair or a medium hair cut.

4. Metal, Metal Everywhere

fashion portrait of beautiful sensual woman with elegant hairstyle and evening makeup

We said this winter is about adding a drop of feminine and chic glamor to our hairstyles without going overboard with the spark and disco flashes. So we will see how to make metal and hairstyles work together in an easy and fashionable way. Here are some good examples to begin with:

  • Instead of using elastic bands for the sectioned ponytail we described above, make some irregular, random and glamorous sections by wrapping a thin metallic wire halfway down your back or side ponytail.
  • Achieve a quick and dramatic look using a statement headband in metals, rhinestones, and crystals – it makes an amazing work of art with naturally curly hair, long/medium straight hair and even pixie cuts. As a matter of fact, you should know a statement headband is just one of the many hair accessories to vamp up your pixie
  • Clips and pins are all the rage this season, and the shinier they are, the better. Trust Rihanna with this, as after sporting so many colors and cuts, the gorgeous artist pushed back her hair and clipped quite the number of embellishments for a Red Carpet look that still works amazing with jeans.

5. Tie the Knot

Knots are not quite new, but they did make a nice statement on runways this winter.

  • You can knot a long ponytail to get a messy bun.
  • You can place your hair on top of your head and knot three-four parted locks, securing them down with bobby pins for a messy, yet chic updo. The loose strands and bangs make a perfect addition to a strapless dress and a good mood for partying.

What other winter hairstyles do you favor? Are you willing to try some of the hairdos described above?

If you have any questions, please ask below!