6 Stylish Ideas for Long Skirts

Maxi skirts can be of ankle or floor length and they can be straight or flared. No matter what they can be worn in many different ways and during any time of the year. One has to just know how to pair them right to achieve a great look.

Maxi skirts or long skirts for girls are a trend that never goes out of fashion. Maxi skirts mostly mean full length skirts that are of various cuts-straight and tailored, flared, printed, solitary colour and coming in an array of fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, silk and even lace among others.

Around the year 2013 the trend of maxi skirts started getting red hot and by the fashion week of that year everyone was scrambling to get their hands on one whether in store or buying these lovely long skirts.

No matter whether you buy skirts online or from a store, a load of choices are there as far as wearing them is concerned. In this article we will discuss six stylish ideas for wearing long skirts.

Pair with Heels


When you buy long skirts, remember to buy fabulous pumps or heels as well. They look ravishing with the long skirt brushing the floor as you walk. If the skirt is monochrome wear it with a fancy or lace embroidered top of a complimentary colour and pair it with a bag of the same colour. Make sure the colour of your heels match with the bag. For a casual or an evening wear this look is perfect.

A Patterned Skirt and a Monochrome Top

Patterned skirt with a uniform long or quarter sleeve top looks amazing. Add bright scurf to keep warm and to create a layered look. Wear a long chunky or beaded necklace to break up the look and complete the outfit with proper shoes. As always, pair the handbag properly with shoes or a belt if you are wearing any.

Transform the Maxi Skirt to a Dress

For this look to work, it is important to make sure that the elastic waist band of the skirt is flexible and strong. Just pull the skirt up to your chest and rest above your breast. Use a wide belt just below the rib cage to complete the style. Now the maxi skirt is an evening dress-novel and gorgeous.


Layer the Skirt

When you buy skirts online invest some time to getting it right. If the skirt still feels too simple, layer it to create a smart look. For example for a floral print, wear a denim buttoned top and for warmth, put on a long cardigan and a nice beanie of like colours.

Maxi Skirt with a Sweater

A perfect and pretty outfit for the fall would be a long sweater over a maxi skirt. If the skirt is patterned, go for a monochrome sweater and vice versa. For a longer sweater cinch it with a belt and the look is so elegant. Complete the look with proper necklace, shoes and handbags. Sometimes even monochrome top and skirt goes well together. One has to find just the right colours that gel well together.

Maxi Skirt with Tennis Shoes
A maxi skirt paired with a pair of tennis shoes looks so smart! This look is so effortless and free and with that touch of femininity. This look can be easily created by pairing simple t shirts with a maxi skirt especially one that has a slit running along one side or both. Layer the look with a denim jacket of you need warmth and that's it. The look is simple and very comfy.

The USP of these long skirts for girls is its versatility and femininity. The very versatile skirt has an equally great presence in online stores. The carefree heart of the maxi skirts has touched almost every woman's wardrobe and as a result the 60's and 70's fashion trend seems to have come alive with a fresh coat of novelty.

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