Top Ways to Improve Your Style for the Summer

summer-street-styleWith summer waiting for us just around the corner, we rush into its arms looking for beaches, festivals, sunbathing, and ice cream. However, girls all over the world have a special task: how to look good this summer and better than they did the last summer at the same time? Troubling as this task may be, it is not going to be difficult to achieve it if you have a few tricks up your sleeve just waiting for the right time. So, here's what you can do to shine.

Re-discover your old clothes

You have great taste, we're sure of it, and it breaks your heart when you see all those lovely pieces you used to wear just a few seasons ago lay forgotten in the back of your closet. Don't get too sad now, you can easily change that simply by bringing them to the nearest tailor. Shorten your old maxi skirts, dresses, and long blazers into fashionable minis and summer dresses in no time. Make tank tops lined with lace or even leather out of your old tees and stay as fab as ever.

The bigger the better

This rule is applicable even more when it comes to incredibly hot weather. The extra room in your clothes will keep you from sweating too much and will give you a chance to breathe. Luckily, we are all still in love with maxi skirts and crop tops, so you will not have a problem to feel the breeze. In addition, this rule can also be applied when it comes to footwear, for feet swell when it's hot outside. When buying shoes, make sure they are a bit bigger, for your feet will swell and you'll get blisters in no time afterwards.street-style-fashion-week-spring-summer-2012-black-white-style

Keep your face from melting

No, of course you're not an evil witch, but summer heat may make you look that way if you're not careful. Don't use too much products which contain oil for these will surely melt through the day. Instead, use powdery makeup and keep the products you usually use in a Zip-Lock bag you've been keeping in a freezer overnight. Innovative, easy, and classy solution for long, hot days ahead of you.

Western-Girls-Street-Style-Looks-Summer-Fashion-Dresses-2014-15-14Hide your underwear

Flimsy dresses call for invisible underwear, that's for sure. As we swap wool for light linen and silk, and jeans for short skirts and dresses VPL becomes a huge struggle for us all. The easiest thing is to swap our regular panties for a G-string, but if you're not too comfortable wearing those with a dress (some women say it feels too revealing), choose shots-style briefs instead. In addition, you can wear those with a tummy-control panel which are simply perfect because they will hold tight all the right places and make your stomach look flat, thus giving you a perfect silhouette.

Know your body shape

Choosing the right outfit and accessories is going to be a million times easier if you do a little research and find what body shape you have and what clothes go best with it. Choosing a swimsuit is going to be a way better experience if you know the right type of swimwear for your own body, and beach kaftans will no longer have to be your shield, but truly an accessory. A one-piece suit, a tankini, a bikini with bra-like upper piece of small triangle bottoms - go ahead and find out yourself.

Add flowers

Flowers are a big hit this year, and if you want to stay ‘in' you should wear them often. No matter if you choose a simple flower headband, a DIY flower crown, flower swimsuit, or flower-print tee, if you wear them, you will be noticed. If you are not a great fan of prints, you can wear discreet flower jewellery, like cute flower earrings, or you can make small flower on your nails using differently coloured nail polish.

Even though the temperatures are rather high already, and we like to drink cold lemonade and go to pool parties, true summer is not yet here. This is the perfect time for you to make some last-minute preparations and make sure you are going to greet the summer looking your best. Glamorous and stylish, you will surely be the light of every party.


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