How a Necklace Can Steal Your Heart

Necklaces have been adored, since time immemorial, way back when various ancient civilizations were being developed. However, in those days, wearing necklace was more of a part of religious or cultural ritual. Back in the 21st Century, necklaces are primarily a fashion statement, loved both by men and women. However, in case of women's necklace, you can see that artists get a chance to experiment with the materials a big time. For example, while gold and diamond necklaces are more for special occasions, a pearl necklace is made to grab all attentions in a corporate event. As for the happy-go -lucky moments, you might want to buy trendy fashion necklaces. Here are some suggestions to try and dazzle.


D'oro Rossa

This is a fringe necklace which is handcrafted with care by Amer, a native of Khanpur Japti village in Ghaziabad district, UP India). The very young, soft spoken artisan specializes in making very special necklaces out of beads and pearls. The magnificence of gold fringes are accentuated by bright, red beads. And being handmade, it is absolutely hard to replicate, thus giving the wearer a confidence that she will possess a thing that very few would own. The piece of necklace will be an absolute show-stopper, especially when worn with a very simple, yet classy strapless or off-shoulder dress or some pretty thing with Square Neckline, Scoop Neckline or Sweetheart neckline.


This ethno-stylish necklace is another creative masterpiece from Amer. The collection has been inspired from the Egyptian-Gypsy varieties. With golden background, the chain comes dangled with vibrant stones, which are bird-shaped, thus giving the expression of free bird. Pair it with a dress with sweetheart neckline, scoop neckline, or something with a strapless or off-shoulder.



The golden necklace, which is intertwined with black and ends with a whitish pendant, is surely going to be an invaluable addition to any one's jewelry box. Golden is a sensible and practical shade, while a sophisticated black implies sheer frugality and sustainability, without compromising on the glamour factor. This simple and graceful necklace is for the women of substance who does not believe in waste or excess, be it in any type. But you can surely pair it with a chic, floral bangle, Recommended for dress with halter neckline, V-shaped neckline, scoop neckline and square neckline, as well as for collared short neck dresses and strapless dresses. The piece of beauty is an artistic endeavor of Suraj Mal, who lives in a small village, which is situated some 120 kms away from Lucknow, the capital city of the Indian province Uttar Pradesh. Suraj has inherited his creativity from his grandfather, and has been honing his jewelry making skills more than two decades.

Vetro Perlina

The charm of multi-colored accessories is such that they can never be out of trend. The appeal of this necklace lies in the fact that it is just another set of multi-hued stones that are piled creatively. However, the ‘twist' is that, the stones come in unexceptional shades, ranging from leaves to bubbly spheres. Additionally, it is lightweight, durable and easy wearing. You can call it a good thing to wear with strapless, off-shoulder dresses or something having square neckline, scoop neckline, turtle neckline, cowl neckline. It has been made by Ahsan Sagar Sagar, a 45 year old resident of Magul village, in Ghaziabad district. The creations of this person with heart of gold have even been worn by Bollywood celebrities.

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