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Top 7 Summer Storage Tips For College Students

Storage SystemSummer holidays give you the much-needed break from school. For most students, this means moving back home from boarding school or college and taking that summer job or relaxing. Packing and storage of your possessions could be a tough and challenging situation for you. This is why there are many storage facilities available at affordable prices. To cut down on unnecessary storage space, you can utilize the following tips when packing:

  1. Balancing box weights

You have probably been wondering why some of your boxes are overly heavy while others are light.Well, the problem is in how you stack different items together. You can balance this weight by packing heavy or supposedly heavy items in smaller storage boxes and have the lighter ones in the bigger boxes. This balances the weight of your belongings.

  1. Utensils

Just in case you have any form of utensils, it is advisable for you to buy clean sterile papers to hold and wrap plates and cups/ glasses in rather than old newspapers that are very filthy. This will keep them clean throughout the duration of their storage.

Vertical packing system is space-saving and should be done with a cardboard box in between the different rows of utensils.

  1. Hangers

Storage companies understand the hassle involved in removing your clothes from the hangers, stacking them in boxes in their folded form and later on unfolding them to be hung. This wastes a lot of time and energy. This is why they have come up with storage boxes that can accommodate your hung clothes within the box.

The upside of using these types of storage boxes is the extra space below the hung clothes. You can store you shoes below the shirts and coats and this will save you extra pennies.

  1. Labelling

This is very important when packing for storage. The storage company is responsible for many other clients and this means that retrieval will be difficult if not labelled. Have a printout of your details; the pickup location, your name and phone number as well as email addresses.

You can have the labels color coded to differentiate them as well as simplify retrieval. Details of the return address should also be included in the label and ultimately in the storage company’s directory.

  1. Save space

Well, even with the storage boxes available at affordable rates, you can save a few dimes by rolling rather than folding your clothes. Bedding, towels, etc. take up much space and rolling them will save up extra space and money.

  1. Avoid last minute rush

As a student, you are probably used to finalizing or even starting activities in the eleventh hour. This is destructive and will affect the outcome. Plan in advance. Locate a storage facility that suits your needs and your budget then have them shipped in time for your packing to be uneventful.

  1. Pack light

Pack a few necessary clothes, toiletries and makeup in a smaller bag that you will travel with. A few necessities for a rainy day should be included. And its summer, so, pack light-wears. Do not store everything away.

In conclusion, parking for students doesn’t have to be terrible, especially when getting your items to a storage facility for a few days or even more. Balance weights and utilize available space by folding and using storage boxes with hanging rods.

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