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Why Having Your Own Car In College Is a Good Choice?

best-car-for-college-studentsCollege is one of the most important chapters of our young lives as it is both a mental and emotional experience that will be remembered for the rest of our lives. There are moments in college when we bunk classes that we thought were just boring, times when we prank our buddies and teachers, times when we miss out on our deadlines and ask online “can anyone write my dissertation”, or times when we shared the greatest moments at our graduation. But the thing that bugs us the most is the means of college transportation, especially when it comes to having our own car.

Sure there are things such as alternatives like the bus and the subway and carpooling that can help us evade the expenses of fuel and maintenance, but in the end having our own car can be beneficial in more ways than we can ever imagine. Let us look at the positive factors of having a car of our own in college:

1.You can come and go as you please

Why be dependent on others to give you a ride for wherever you wish to go, when you can do just that at your own convenience with your own car? That is the beauty of it all. You do not have to wait for buses or subway trains to come pick you up considering there are a lot of students in your campus. Also if you live somewhere out of the campus, then having your car is very important to get to the lectures on time.

2.You pick your buddies up anytime when convenient

In case you are planning to go to a beach, mall or cinemas for fun,you can just round up your college colleagues and go on a little road trip with them. It would perhaps be more of your convenience if you can get your friends to do some carpooling and have you balance the amount of fuel as a result. So basically it's a win-win for you.

3.It will help you in emergencies

Suppose if you have a friend, a family member living close to your college campus and who is seriously injured or wounded and you don't have time to wait for an ambulance to come and get them. This is where you'll be caught in a serious deadlock unless you have a car of your own. Similarly, if it was any other person in need of assistance and were to be rushed to the hospital, it would be of great fortune and blessing upon you if you used your own car to get them safely to the nearest hospital.

4.Going to your part-time job and college will be easier

In college and in a professional environment, it is all about punctuality and you would not want anything less than that, by which we mean to imply tardiness. It is of the utmost importance that you are able to flexibly handle your time and duties so that you do not fall behind your education or your job. Therefore, keeping a car of your own will help you ease the burdens of punctuality.

5.You can go back to your apartment at your own convenience

Of the many factors that work in your favor for having your own means of transportation is the fact that it is supremely convenient and less troubling. If you wish to make a break from your daily lectures and sessions, except if they are really important, then you may as well take an early leave and make a break for your apartment at your convenience.

6.Retrieve something you forgot

If you have forgotten something like study materials for the upcoming test, then instead of troubling your friend who may not have time to drive you back, it would be better if you used your own means of conveyance to go back and come back as quickly as possible.

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