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Top 9 Home Remedies for Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps are known as the benign tumor of the nose and adjacent sinuses which arise from the epithelial tissue. The etiology remains unclear, there are various hypothesis has been proposed though. Some scientists suggest that it may be the result of chronic inflammation of nose, sinusitis or allergy to external bodies. Other, however suppose the relation to genetics as it commons amongst member of the family. People who suffer from this condition used to present symptomless. However, it also has some disruptive symptoms like running nose, sneezing, nasal congestion and change in smell. The small lesion may remain silent without any symptoms, while the large one can block the nose passage and lead to chronic sinusitis as well as distort of nose shape. As mentioned above, nasal polyps tend to occur in people who are allergic to aspirins. Therefore, if the patient has allergic history with aspirins, doctors should check the condition of nasal polyps as well.

With respect to treatment of this condition, there are plenty of methods which could be helpful both medically and effectively. In terms of medicine treatment, patient can either use nasal spray with corticosteroid or take corticosteroid orally. With larger lesion where the medicine is unfavorable, the surgery is the treatment of choice. Surgery for nasal polyps can be done with endoscope and the anesthesia. Besides, the patients should consult to their doctor as frequently as possible to check out the recurrence of the tumors. Patient can also employ some kind of home-remedies to eliminate or at least mitigate the disturbance symptoms of this condition.

  1. Saline spray

Although saline itself cannot flush away the neoplasm, it can help in reduce the inflammation of the sinus. Polyps obstruct the ventilation of the air in and out the nasal cavity which result in the higher potential for nose being affected. The chronic sinusitis in turn plays an important part in the growing of the polyps. It makes the spiral round disease and enable the problems develop into more serious one. Therefore, taking more attention on keeping your nose as clean as possible seems to excellent way to slow down the development of disease. Saline has natural antimicrobial and disinfection which make it the best and simplest choice as home solution.

  1. Turmeric

Another easy-finding remedy in your kitchen is the turmeric. In many culture, turmeric has become familiar with the house-wives in their daily meal. In traditional medicine, turmeric is considered as out-standing medicine for vast variety of ailments. Turmeric has anti inflammatory property which helps reduce the fluid buildup in nasal passage. As a result, it eases the inflammatory symptoms like sneezing, running nose and swelling. Turmeric is actually a natural decongestant.

  1. Onion and garlic

Similarity to turmeric, onion and garlic contains antibacterial, antifungal substances. In addition to this, those plants can stimulate the nasal mucous gland and allow the mucus flow more easily. Therefore, they are also considered as natural decongestant. To utilize such great characteristics, patient can either eat it raw or cook with other foods. In fact, it would be better in terms of medical property if they are eaten in raw. However, the taste and smell of them can make it difficult to chew and swallow for some people.

  1. Chilli

Chilli and other member of spicy vegetable like pepper, cayenne has great potential in stopping the stubborn symptoms in polyp patients. Capsaicin is the chemical compound that being found in a large amount of in those plants. It reduces pain and enhances blood flow, therefore help drainage the accumulated fluid. Some researches into the effectiveness of capsaicin in treatment nasal polyps showed that promised outcomes. Patients who received the capsaicin spray therapy seem to improve the breathing comfort than the control subjects. It is the reason why chilli, pepper and cayenne is listed as one of the most effective home remedies for sinus polyps.

  1. Pineapple

If you are looking for the efficient and easy way to treat nasal polyps at home, pineapple should be added to your favorite list. There are various reasons why pineapple makes it terrific in the battle against tumor. Firstly, it is rich-source of Vitamin C with nearly the same as in orange. Vitamin C is essential for the immune system function properly as well as protects our body cells from carcinogenic agents. Pineapple also contains bromelain which has inflammatory reduction property. However, this content is concentrated in stem and not that delicious and sweet as flesh one. So if people should not throw this part away when eating pineapple at least for the sake of their health.

  1. Sweet potatoes

As introduced, nasal polyps may be the result of allergy to certain substances. People who are sensitive to many kind of object are prone to develop this benign tumor. In this sense, sweet potatoes make its way to be one of the safest foods for those people as it has minor potential to trigger allergy. Furthermore, this veggie is also the store house of vitamin C and particularly carotenoid. Carotenoid is pigment which can be found in colored vegetable and plays an important role in protection of body cells from radicals. It is amongst one of the most crucial antioxidant of the body.

  1. Vitamin C

Needless to say, Vitamin C has many roles to play in our body. It boosts immune system and allows the immune cell work properly. What is more, if the main cause of tumor development is the free radicals which break down the cell membrane and impede the normal function of enzymes, the antioxidant like vitamin C becomes essential. The anti- radical substances neutralize as well as destroy the free radicals before they can have disastrous impact on our body. One last thing that adds to reason why patients should seek for food packed with vitamin C is that Vitamin C control histamine releasing. Histamine is a chemical mediator of the inflammatory which is produced in the respond of the body towards invasive objects. Histamine is the main cause of allergic reactions as well as fluid accumulation in the inflammatory process. Hence, regulation the secretion of histamine aids in reducing the symptoms and development of polyps as well.

There are many kinds of vegetables in which we can be supply with substantial vitamin C, for instance guava, veggies, orange and pineapple and so on\.

  1. Practice deep breathing

Although a number of patients suffer from sinus polyps without serious symptoms, there are still many problems that upset the daily life, including nasal congestion. To tackle this issue, there is no better way than treatment its root cause is the blockage of nasal cavity by mucus sediment. Instead of totally accounting on decongestant constantly, people can start practice breathing. Take deep inhale and then exhale regularly can enhance the ventilation of this passage and give the patients a great relief. Affected people can practice by inhale by one nostril while the other is covered, repeat it for roughly 10 times for each sides every three times per day.

  1. Stay away from allergic foods

It remains unclear about the etiology of nasal polyps. However, there is one mechanism that is agreed by most scientists is chronic inflammation, particularly in allergic sinusitis. If you realize your situation, you should get rid of all the potential food out of your fridge. It is common said that a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure. Indeed, there are countless sources of allergens that may be hidden in various ways. Some popular allergens like yeast, eggs, milk, gluten and other food preservation substance. To find out the hidden risk, the scientists propose the use of elimination diets. Such meals are prepared without certain kind of foods which has high potential of allergy. After 2-4 weeks being kept away from such foods, the patients are rechecked for the reduction in terms of size and number of polyps. Then, such questionable foods are brought back the diet to measure whether or not the symptoms are becoming worse. If the result shows that the condition of patients is going down, then the food is concluded to be an allergic agent.

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