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4 Scary Things To Do This Halloween

Halloween has always been a favorite holiday for kids, but in recent years it’s been increasingly popular with adults. Almost everyone loves being scared, as long as it’s done in good fun. If you’d like to make this year stand out, here are four scary things to do to make Halloween positively chilling!

1. Take a Haunted Hike

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, so why not enjoy the foliage by taking a spooky hike? You could visit an old cemetery, get lost in a corn maze or trek along a haunted trail near me. Nothing will give you the willies more than searching for specters or hearing eerie noises from the wilderness.

2. Organize a Movie Night

Whether you’re celebrating Halloween with friends, or you’re going it alone, organize a scary movie night. Research the most spine-chilling horror movies ever made or have your friends take a vote. Then, order some pizzas, light a few candles and see who freaks out first!

3. Share Paranormal Stories

If there’s anything scarier than a creepy movie, it’s often real-life happenings. Some of the most terrifying tales come from weird occurrences that defy explanation. This Halloween, get a group of friends together around a campfire and ask everyone to share their own strange paranormal stories.

4. Stay at a Haunted Hotel

One thing there’s no shortage of is haunted hotels and inns. A quick online search can help you locate ghostly digs right in your own area. What better way to spend Halloween than a few days off staying at a haunted hotel? You’ll get a change of scenery and you might see spirits roaming the property!

Don’t miss out on all the wicked fun activities available during Halloween. This year, plan a frightening hike, a scary movie marathon or see if you’ll last the night at a haunted hotel.

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