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Tips for Selecting a Home Security Company

The security of your family and property is vital in the home. As a homeowner, you can never have peace of mind when you are not sure whether your home is secure. This is the reason you need to select the right home security company. Here are a few things to consider when selecting the right security company for you.


1. Do they have a long history?

Some home security companies have been there for many years, and they have become a household name. Watch out for signs and stickers around your neighborhood. If you have seen a particular alarm company name on houses and businesses, it is a good indicator that the company has a good reputation to uphold.

2. Do they offer a warranty?

Choose a home security company that offers you a warranty for their products, installation, and services. A one-year guarantee is good because it offers you a chance to test the product and find out if it is suitable or defective. Choose a company that stands behind their installation and products and not one that installs its products without a guarantee.

3. Do they offer relocation at no cost?

Some companies will offer to relocate your house alarm free of charge when you are moving as long as you continue paying for their remote monitoring. What this means is the company will remove all components from your present house and shift them to the new house and reinstall the security system into your new home for free.

4. Do they offer 24-hour monitoring?

If you have neighbors that don't care about loud noises, or you live in a rural area, remote monitoring can give you extra peace of mind. With remote monitoring active, when your alarm is triggered, a call center is alerted. The call center then calls you and if no one answers your phone, or the person who answers cannot give the correct password, they will notify the local authorities.

5. Do they offer extra protection?

Since you are installing a home security system, you may want to include additional protection such as carbon dioxide and fire monitoring too. The additional protection is provided at a subsidized fee, and it offers an extra blanket of protection for your home. Should the fire alarm sound, the remote monitoring center will alert the local fire department.

No home security company is perfect. However, you are most likely to work with a quality company if they meet these five guidelines. Remember to research the company using the Better Business Bureau website also to ensure their clients haven't filed primary complaints against them. You can consult an appropriate alarm monitoring company such as Alarmrelay.com to monitor your alarm system for added protection.

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  1. Levi Armstrong

    I’m looking for a home security system services in our city to install a security system in the new house we bought in the suburbs. Although the neighborhood is particularly safe, I still want to ensure the security of my family by having a quality home security system. I like that you said I should choose a company that offers a warranty for at least one year, so I can test out their products and be assured that it is efficient and not faulty. Thanks for this!

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