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Tips for Rookie Knitters

downloadThere are two types of people in this world. The first ones believe that knitting is a super-difficult and practically impossible activity for them to learn, while the latter ones are those who think it is just a boring hobby that includes a pair of needles and a yarn. Well, none of these statements is true. Knitting is a wonderful and overwhelming pastime that will improve your everyday routine and make you feel more satisfied. What makes it that special is that it never gets boring. We all start as beginners, knowing nothing about this amazing craft. Then, as we learn some basic steps, our goals and standards keep rising until we become real experts. So, before you embark on knitting, you need to understand that it is a pretty complex endeavor, consisting of numerous rules you need acquire before you start crafting masterpieces. In order to make this entire process easier to you, we made a brief list of tips for all rookie knitters. Check them out!

download (1)Invite friends

Some people get more inspired and creative when working in groups. If you are one of them, maybe you should ask a friend or two to join you in conquering the world of knitting. You could ask either an experienced knitter, who would help you acquire basic steps faster, or even another rookie knitter, just like you. Apart from unleashing your inspiration and creativity, knitting is an amazing hobby that connects people and motivates them to share their knowledge and experiences. If this all works for you, don't miss this amazing opportunity!

Get informed

Before you buy supplies or start knitting, it is highly recommended for you to get informed first. In the era of the internet, you can find amazing tips and materials for free, which will make learning much easier to you. All you have to do is to invest a couple of hours, look for various useful knitting websites or online books, providing you with all necessary information. However, if you are planning to invest in a pricey book that contains all these tips, you need to find the one that is really meant to beginners. Namely, there are various books that are supposed to help rookie knitters to figure out basic knitting steps, but they are usually written as if the reader already knew how knitting actually works.Knitcable

Don't get overwhelmed

Almost every knitting enthusiast makes the same mistake at the very beginning, buying a multitude of knitting supplies and tools they will never use. We know that knitting stores contain a wide range of soft, shiny and colorful yarns and various needles, but you should definitely stick to the basics. Restricting yourself to a basic yarn and a pair of needles, you will focus on what really matters and that's the process of knitting itself. Don't worry, later, as you improve your skills, you will try out numerous kinds of yarns and needles and believe us, even then you will stick to those you prefer most.

pleksimoStick to a couple of needles

Every kind of knitting needles has its specific purpose. Without adequate equipment, your entire knitting project would be completely purposeful. Needles are chosen in accordance with their size, type and material, as well as your knitting project. Almost all yarn shops provide you with a wide range of needles, such as wooden, aluminum, bamboo, and plastic. As a rookie knitter, you should maybe start with using wooden needles that are a great solution to your first, flat knitting project. Since there are various kinds of needles, you shouldn't be afraid to ask shopping assistants for help, informing them that you are a beginner.

Start with basic yarn

What you need to know is that there are various kinds of yarn, from super-fine, fine, light and medium to bulky and super-bulky one. In the very beginning, you should go for simple yarn that won't stitch easily. Some of these, more sophisticated types of yarn require expertise and a lot of patience, which you, as a beginner, won't have. Since you will constantly rip the stitches and stretch your yarn, you should always stick to the simple wool on sale, which can be found in all yarn stores online at highly competitive prices. That's the only way for you not to regret wasting so much material on some of your beginner's unsuccessful projects.images

Start with simple concepts

If you are one of those people who got inspired by knitting when they saw a beautiful scarf or a sweater in a fashion magazine, you need to be realistic. It is always good for you to have some super-complex knitting project in your mind because it will inspire you over and over again to keep improving your knitting skills. However, you shouldn't get overly ambitious from the very beginning for it will lead you nowhere. By starting with simple knitting stitch patterns and projects, you will gradually learn new things and improve your technique, which will help you achieve the highest level of proficiency. On the other hand, if you embark on overly ambitious and complex project from starters, you won't even learn the basic steps and you will soon get bored and ditch your yarn.

All in all, once you figure it out, knitting won't be that difficult to you anymore. All you need to do is to be patient and unleash your creativity and, step by step, you will become a knitting expert!

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