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The Science Behind Water Bottle Bongs

If glass bongs are not an option, a water bottle bong can be used, but it’s important to note that they may not be as safe for your lungs. Despite providing a smooth hit, creating a water bottle bong requires a clean plastic bottle and a plastic pen with a removable shaft. Next, cut a hole on the side of the water bottle that is large enough to fit the pen tube.

Cools the Smoke

Unlike an ordinary pipe, the water in a bong helps cool the smoke before it enters your respiratory system. This is important because the vapor from burning cannabis contains volatile compounds that can irritate your lungs and throat. This irritation is caused by the toxins in these compounds reacting with the oxygen in your lungs. A water bottle bong consists of a bowl that goes into a downstem inserted into the base of the bottle. A carb is also inserted into the bottom of the bottle to help you clear the smoke when it gets filled with vapor. While water bottle bongs are a great way to enjoy marijuana, they’re not meant to be permanent or repeat-use smoking tools. If you want a more sturdy, reliable way to smoke, consider investing in an actual glass bong. Aside from its remarkable appearance, a basic bong is safer and more effective than a DIY device.

Water Filters Smoke

Many people prefer using water pipes to smoke cannabis because they provide a smoother experience, filter out tar, and cool the smoke. Although they come in various shapes and styles, they operate on the same basic principle. In a bong, water filtration occurs by forcing smoke through tiny bubbles, removing many contaminants more effectively than blowing through a dry pipe. While some argue that THC is lost through water filtration, it does not significantly affect the high. However, water filtration does trap some insoluble THC, which is not absorbed by the lungs when inhaled. Nonetheless, this amount is still enough to get you high. The best thing about bongs is that they can be made easily from nearly any plastic bottle.

Filters Out Bacteria

According to some individuals who smoke water bottle bongs, the water in the bong can filter out certain tars that may irritate the lungs. Additionally, the water cools down the smoke, making it a more enjoyable experience for those who prefer milder hits. Some water bottle bong users even add ice to their bottles, which can help to cool the smoke further before it enters your lungs. They also believe ice in their bongs helps break the smoke into smaller bubbles, making it easier on their lungs. You will require a clean and label-free soda or water bottle to make a water bottle bong. Create a downstem by poking a hole near the top of the bottle using a pin or a needle about halfway down. Designate another spot higher than the carb hole for airflow, serving as your bowl.

Reduces Respiratory Irritation

Inhaling smoke from a water bottle bong can irritate the lungs. This is because the plastic used in the water bottle can release toxic fumes when heated and inhaled by smokers. This irritation can lead to various issues, such as chest pain and coughing. To prevent this, users should not inhale from a water bottle bong for long periods. Instead, they should inhale for short periods and exhale immediately. The first step in making a water bottle bong is to cut a hole in the side of the bottle about halfway down. This hole should be just large enough for the downstem to fit inside. Once the downstem is in place, the user should add water to the bottle until the bottom portion of the downstem is submerged underwater.

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