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Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Vedanta Teacher

You are what you are every moment;Years only hurt when you’ve lost them.I was born in Barcelona and went to India 30 years ago.Do you want to meet?Start by turning off the TV and it will turn on your brain.Every day millions of people die without knowing who they are: don’t be one more.

And who are you?

El Amiguet, from La Contra: we agreed that it would come today.
I have not asked you your name or where you work, but … who are you?

I have read your adventure in the sacred mountain of Arunachala and in Kashmir …
Very good, but who are you?

If it gets like this … Well, I don’t know who I am.
It is already a step to admit it.I gave it 37 years ago.I went to India.I didn’t want to be one of the millions of people who die every day without knowing each other.

Many others live so richly.
They are not aware of who they are and that is why they have not met anyone.They live the lives of others: they consume other people’s products;they work for others;they vote for others …

… And swell the audiences of others’ televisions … Do you want to live longer and better?Start by turning off the TV and it will turn on the brain.

The TV relaxes and keeps company.
… He will not relax forgetting but discovering himself.And when you really know yourself, you will never feel lonely again, because you are your best company, and when you do not need to be distracted, entertained, distracted or entertained, you will see how others come to your side to enjoy your peace.

How do I start?
Give yourself time to investigate within yourself and you will begin to acquire a healthy distance from what you are not, but only your circumstances, your ambitions, your fears …

I thought it was me precisely because of my attributes and my circumstances.
If you penetrate through these layers – age, nation, employment, positions, property, social class … -, you will see that you are not the sum of all of them, but vice versa: you are what remains at transcending them.

What if I don’t like that left?
His ambition and hatred;his passions and meanness are like everyone else’s, but his essence is unique in the universe.Upon discovering it, you can finally feel free without depending on anyone.You will see what tranquility and enjoyment!

How to find me
To meet is not taught, you learn.The first steps are rational and I can explain them to you as concentration techniques, but they will remain only in that if afterward, you cannot transform them into an experience, an experience that overwhelms you.

You say…
I experience it in myself and I have felt that joy in the teachers, the Swamis.

Is well-being spread?
Just as the ambitious or the envious spread their eternal dissatisfaction to others.

It says nothing new: in the temple of Delphi it was already read “Know yourself”.
And 2,000 years ago Socrates went to the market and marveled: “How many things I don’t need!”Universal mysticism has followed the methods of self-denial of the ancient Vedanta.And they continue serving.

Something like that also teaches the Church.
I do not preach a faith;I don’t ask you to believe in anything.But I know that if he chases the money …

Don’t ask me for a hard one, I’m going skull.
… The admiration of others: that they love you!He will never have enough.Because those wishes are not you.

Who I am?
Only you can find out if time is given.Those who want to dedicate it to them will tell you that you lose it, but you will realize that you are winning it.

Won’t I get bored?
You will learn to collect the senses and still the mind.Don’t try to concentrate on every idea that assails you, let them pass;Let them come and go, and observe the immense silence behind all thoughts.

Without doing anything?
As you deepen your introspection you will notice that your breathing becomes slow and deep and that you are entering a much wider interior space.

How did you learn it?
I discovered yoga in Barcelona in 1975 and felt that it was stirring something inside me: I read the Bhagavad Gita and it transformed me when I was 20 years old – 37 years ago – I went to India, learned Sanskrit and started studying Vedanta …

You look good: my mother would say that if I didn’t work hard.

What did he live on?
Hindus fed us the yogis of the sacred mountain of Arunachala.India opens to you if you open to it.

Surely he went hungry.
Some austerityBut only with the presence of my teacher comforted me.

Had he not smoked or drunk anything?
Meditation does not alter consciousness, but power8 and widens.Try it

I am lucky to work.
Take distance and reflect: do not live the lives of others.Do not pursue what others decide you want: do not suffer from triumphing the triumph that others decide.Be you.

What if I don’t serve as a meditator?
You may be the most anxious and craziest of men, but also inside you are the most judicious, calm and happy.Give yourself time and you will meet.

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  1. I want to learn Kundalini yoga and activate my chakras to know myself in more detail, I feel that I don’t know myself anymore… Something needs to be seeked within myself, I am in need of a guru, who can help me with this..

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