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Experience Love Uniquely in “Led Astray” by Sandra Brown [Book Review]

Led AstrayAfter reading Hermann Sudermann's "Regina, or the Sins of the Fathers," I felt like reading a unique book with more intense feelings, but not only love - it was too clichéd for me. After searching and researching free books online, I came across Sandra Brown's book, "Led Astray”. At first, the title seemed extremely attractive, making me very interested in what that book could actually contain. I went on reading the book, curious to explore the drama of the characters.

The book starts with a regular family dinner, presenting the main characters of the book - Jenny Fletcher, Cage and Hal Hendren, and their parents. Apparently, Hal was going to leave in a special mission that could have killed him, but he and his parents were very excited about that. However, only Jenny and Cage were truly worried about this mission; Jenny, because Hal was her fiancée - Cage, because Hal was his brother, and he didn't want to see Jenny suffering due to his profound, yet latent feelings for her.

The story between Jenny and Cage starts when Jenny accidentally mistakes him for Hal and makes love to him, after she was initially rejected by the true Hal. Unaware of what she did, Jenny wakes up in the next morning without Hal next to her, and she finds out that he left. Anyway, Cage tries to make Jenny love him, and she actually ends up doing so. Of course, she has to go past his reputation as the city's "stallion," learning how caring and kind he truly is. She eventually finds out that she is pregnant - with Cage, even though she thinks that she's pregnant with Hal.

At this point, the story seemed somehow fetched, because she was totally unaware that she made love to Cage and not Hal until he finally confesses. Her innocence and naivety is what makes this book so incredibly authentic, because these traits showcase her femininity and power to love. It was very enjoyable to read their funny moments, which could really make me laugh and want to go on reading the book until the very last moments.

Anyway, Jenny finds out that it was Cage who made love to her the night before Hal left, they have a dispute, but they eventually make it up when Cage is severely hurt in a car accident when trying to save a family stuck on the train rail.

I enjoyed reading this book, even though it was written in Sandra Brown's specific style - not that complex, but rather simplistic and less centered on the characters' feelings. Furthermore, it was a great lecture for the time when I could not focus on more difficult books, allowing me to relax and experience love differently. "Led Astray" is one of the few books that made me realize how important is to have someone to love and respect you for who you truly are. Brown did a great job when emphasizing the fickle attitude of most men and women who live in a limited environment, highlighting the importance of being a woman in any situation, regardless of what happens.

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