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Make the Mundane Streets Look Interesting through Your Lens

mundanePhotography is an amazing art. It's the perfect way to mesmerize people. If you are fond of photography, I am sure you love to just go out every now and then with the DSLR as the only companion in your journey. But to click the most mesmerizing photographs, you need not go to the remotest corners of the earth - on mountains, to sea beaches and so on. It's possible to find even the most amazing photographs even on the streets. In fact, of late, streets are emerging as one of the most popular places for clicking pictures. And street photography has surfaced as a new trend in the field of photography.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can apply to your street photography to make the images stand out in a crowd.

Don't Fly By

In a street almost everyone is moving. But when you are planning to capture an image there, it is a better idea for you to stand still. Find a comfortable position that offers the best angles for the shot. You can walk around and take the pictures while on the go if you can. But remember, it is extremely difficult to click great pictures while walking around. Besides, a few great frames might give you a slip while you are moving around. So, stop and look around. You might find excellent subjects to click.

Be Technically Prudent

What is the model of the camera you are using? Must be a DSLR? Well, that is going to help you a lot in street photography. You can use the settings just the way you wish. This is likely to help you get the best pictures. There is a trend of using the ISO high. It usually helps you shoot at faster shutter speed and so, get images that are sharper and better. Having grains with high ISO? Well, at times, grains are just what you want! They can make your picture even better and more beautiful. But make sure you use the exposure perfectly while using high ISO.

Compose before Clicking

What will the composition of your street photographs comprise? Who will be your subjects? There's a common misconception that every street photo needs to have a person as a subject. Absolutely not. You can just focus on the street, on the road itself. It's your challenge as a photographer to bring out an excellent frame out of it. And if you excel in it, you are sure to get a number of good images. So, focus on selecting the subject of the picture in a prudent manner. They will be the primary focus of your pictures. Are you clicking the photo of some person? Then focus on the eyes properly. Eyes speak. Use them to make your picture lively.

No Need to Keep an Eye on Your Watch

When are you planning to shoot the images of the street? The advantage of street photography is that, you can choose your own sweet time. Although the types of the pictures might differ, yet the street always has something or the other to offer a photographer. So, make the most of it. You can shoot during the day, when you will get people as subject. But you can also go for night photography while shooting the streets. Focus on the lights and the shadows. Catch the darkness in your image. The artificial light can also add some magic to your picture.

Catch the Colors

Streets are probably among the liveliest parts of the cities. You will find a wide range of colors in them. They are just like a palette, which have raw colors. As a photographer, you need to make a perfect use of these and paint the picture with the camera. Select the places where you will get the best colors to make a vibrant photo. Click them to get the best pictures.

Play with the Light and Shadow

When you are clicking any photograph, the light and the shadow play a major role. The same holds true for street photography as well. More so, when you click black and white photos. Create a mystery through your composition.

It's important to focus on the details while clicking. Even the mundane streets can turn interesting enough if you can capture them perfectly, at the right time and at the right place. So, never go out without the camera as your companion. Even you don't know where and when you can get the best click of your life.

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