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To Say “Thank You” is to Express Gratitude

thank-youTelling someone that you to want to thank him/her or how grateful you are for their help or effort is a simple act of showing reverence, which does not take any time or even effort. We say thank you to our family, our friends and our significant others, we say thank you for the presents, thank you for the food and thank you for the ride. Apart from appreciating the special one’s for the bigger feats like emotional support, coming to our rescue in the times of need and pulling a special favour, we ought to thank some other people that we generally don’t know or those we have just met for many a small things, be it passing the pen, telling the address or maybe helping with some spare change.

“Thank You” is an omnipresent word that means it is put to use everywhere, maybe not in its original form but merci, gracias, danke and dhanyawad are all the means to convey the same emotions of feeling obliged to somebody for their respective actions and help.

How to say Thank You

There are many ways in which you can express your thanks, gone are the times when the only way to thank a person was to take a present to their home and then sit out the formal meeting that follows. Thank you should be fast and full of emotions. To receive thanks must impact a person’s heart in a way that the emotions are absorbed and are felt as a reminiscent of the person showing gratitude. A thank you chocolate gifts hamper is a perfect way to do just that. Just as ubiquitous as the word thank you, chocolates are admired and loved all over the world. Apart from being a delicacy, chocolate also carry many proven health benefits like, strengthening of heart and arteries, decreasing cholesterol, increasing skin radiance, provides stress relief and helps in preventing diabetes.

Rewards of saying thank you

  • To say thank you, is definitely of significance to the one you say it to but it can also turn out to be very beneficial for you. Sure you can achieve much without ever saying thank you but you can achieve much more if you say it.
  • It has been found that saying thank you often lands you in a position where you get better treatment, assistance and service. Be it a public office, business or a local retail shop, people are ready to push a little harder to get your work done.
  • Being polite to your employees or teammates can even turn out to be a better motivator than a wage hike.
  • And lastly, there is nothing wrong in being polite to somebody, especially if you long for the same politeness from others.

So, the next time you feel obliged to someone or somebody, make sure you make them realize it, because honestly, silent appreciations means nothing. Send some chocolate by post coupled with a thank you note. It is very easy to write one. Just write why and how much obliged you are and how much you appreciate the person for his/her help, and then maybe someday you will yourself receive a thank you note that just might brighten up your day.


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