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Who is Jawahar Thomas?

There’s an old saying that no matter how dark the night may get, the dawn is always around the corner. The purpose of this phrase is to imbue people with a sense of positivism and hopefulness that can often desert them in this day and age where almost everyone is concerned about the decaying state of the world around us. Wherever we look, in every aspect, there’s something negative waiting for us to give it its due attention. The political situation in the world, the stocks, peace in the world or the society in general…there’s rarely ever a news that fills us with hope.

However, on the rare occasions, there are some instances where we genuinely do we feel optimistic about the world we live in. One such case is Dr. Jawahar Thomas. He’s more than just a doctor, he’s Jawahar Thomas inventor, Jawahar Thomas Entrepreneur in Sydney. As you may have already guessed, this is an extraordinary individual who’s been able to accomplish extraordinary things. So, who is this Dr. Jawahar Thomas? What makes him so special? What has he done? And why is he that glimmer of hope that we all so eagerly yearn for?

In a few words, Dr. Jawahar Thomas is a medical doctor who has been accredited for his philanthropic and well as humanitarian services throughout the years. His first real contribution towards alleviating the pain and sufferings of his fellow men started in 1993 when he volunteered to help his brethren who had been badly affected by the Latur earthquake. He has since moved to Australia but his efforts for humanitarian reasons haven’t dwindled a bit. In fact, he’s been involved in numerous projects and drives that aim to work in the remote areas of Northern Australia.

Some of these projects have allowed Dr. Jawahar to travel all across the Australian Outback and see through his own eyes the damage that diseases like malaria and gingivitis can cause. It was also through the virtue of these travels that he was able to gauge the damage that country-specific variables like lack of access to clean drinking water, sanitation and proper healthcare can cause the local population.

The situation in these areas is more akin to a third world country rather than a modern society. It was during these trips that he first formulated his plans for a medical innovation. This innovation is something that has gotten him plaudits from all over the world.

This is also where Jawahar Thomas inventor was born. What did he invent? A software application known as MEKSI (Medical Knowledge System). The purpose of this software is to make it easier for future doctors to be trained and equipped with the proper knowledge in order to tackle the modern medical problems more effectively. This software allows a simulation of what a real-life patient would be like and student doctors can conduct different diagnoses and treatment to hone their skills.

This holistic approach to medicine and to his craft has been the reason why his efforts have gotten so much traction. While most other doctors are focused on rendering their duties, Dr. Jawahar was simply not satisfied with doing the bare minimum. He wanted something that would cause a meaningful change in the lives of those he wished to serve.

In addition to some of his medical practice as well as entrepreneurial efforts, Dr. Jawahar is also keen to address some of the other concerns that patients might have. He has a strong online presence where he shares some of his medical advice and tips for people on how to get the most out of life and life a healthy and vigorous life. Some of the topics that these blogs talk about are sleep practices, stress management, diets as well as lifestyle choices.

It is precisely the passion for his fellow men that has allowed Dr. Jawahar to come with different and innovative ways to create a better world for them. These services that he’s been able to perform include blood pressure checks, blood tests, contraception advice, health assessment, minor surgical procedures as well as sugar tests, skin checks in addition to sports medicine. He’s provided these services to different people that needed these services across Australia. He continues to offer these services through his 4 medical clinics that he now operates.

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