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Rules, Tips and Tricks you will need in Bingo

Also called Loto, Bingo was discovered in the 16th century and has been played by generations and has united both the young and the old. Though the game is more about having fun than winning money, you must not decrease your chances of winning whether you are playing with your friends or in a casino.

Bingo is called a game of chance because the aim of the game is to tick mark all the numbers called out by the caller and shout out “Bingo”. This is usually since by pressing the “bingo” button which is present in both physical and online halls. In this blog post, you’ll learn all the basic terminology used in Bingo, tips and tricks, and the difference between traditional bingo and modern bingo.

Terms used in Bingo

Bingo Card: A card that has random numbers in boxes used to play bingo.

Caller: The person who hosts the game and calls out the bingo numbers.

Coverall: The player must cover all the numbers on his bingo card in order to win.

Dauber: Used to mark the numbers on the bingo card.

Free Space: The empty square in the middle of the bingo card that is already marked for the players.

Game Board: A display board that displays the numbers that are called out.

Jackpot: The prize won in a bingo game.

Letter Game: A type of bingo game where the player must cover a specific letter pattern on his bingo card.

Pattern: A specific pattern that players must cover on their bingo card to win.

Raffle: A game where players purchase bingo tickets and are randomly selected.

Split Pot: When money is to be split between multiple players.

Wild Number: A specific number that is selected before the bingo game begins and can be used to help complete a winning pattern.

Winning Pattern: A pattern that has to be covered on the bingo card in order to win.


Rules of bingo state that each player is required to buy at least one scorecard for a bingo game. They are usually sold in strips of six where one strip contains five cards. The overall price of the scorecard depends on the type of game and casino where it is played.

Combinations in Bingo

Each number called out by the caller must be matched on the scorecard. Most of the cards will have letter-number combinations like R-23 or N-12. The combination will vary depending on the type of game being played.

Bingo Caller

The bingo caller will start announcing the number once everyone has their scorecards. The numbers will be announced slowly and clearly to make it easy for the players to understand and can mark the numbers on the scoreboard or simply click on the number to mark it off.

Call out for Bingo

This stage involves announcing the winners after all the numbers are called out. Players check their scorecards and analyze if it matches the winning pattern that was announced before the game began. If the player is able to match all the numbers according to the pattern, he should shout out “Bingo” or raise their hand if they are in a hall or casino.

Bingo Chips

Some bingo games require you to purchase bingo chips instead of dauber to mark off the numbers on your scorecards. Bingo chips come in different colors and shapes and must be purchased before the start of a game. They are less messy than dauber as they don’t have any permanent impact on the scorecards.

Rules in Bingo

  1. Corners

To increase your chances of winning cover all four sides of your scorecard

  1. Line

Cover a single horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of numbers on your card to win.

  1. Two Lines

Attempt to cover two separate horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines of numbers on your


  1. Full House

Mark off all the numbers on your card in order to win.

  1. Jackpot

The players will receive a jackpot if he/she will be able to cover all the numbers on the

Card before anyone else.

Online Bingo and How to play it

One of the major reasons online bingo has gained popularity is because of its convenience and accessibility. There are many websites out on the internet providing bingo on their platforms. Jeeto7 is one of the best websites for bingo since it provided you with bonuses and also provides you with lose back money if you lose. Once you have signed up and filled in your deposit money, purchase scorecards for specific bingo games and start playing.

Secret in winning Bingo

In order to win your way through Bingo you must understand the basic rules that govern the game and be able to identify the pattern as it develops. Another tip would be, to buy enough scorecards and make sure to cover enough numbers on them. Also, it’s important to call out “Bingo” before any other player can.

Strategies for Bingo Game

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Rules

The No.1 rule in every bingo game is to learn its basic rules and understand how to play every game. In a Bingo hall, you will notice that each game has its own set of rules, therefore it is important that you know what they are before playing.

  1. Bingo Cards

By purchasing more bingo tickets you are increasing your chances of winning as each ticket contains various numbers and patterns thus pushing you towards the winning side of the game.

  1. Seat closer to the Caller

I recommend you to choose a seat that is nearest to the caller so as to not miss any numbers. This way you will hear the numbers correctly, fasten your pace, and call out “Bingo” before any other player does.

  1. Pay attention

Put your phones on silent or ward off any distractions near you. Pay careful attention to the caller when he calls out numbers as you cannot afford to be distracted.

The Fewer the Better

Your chances of winning increase, if you play bingo with fewer people as there will be fewer opponents competing for the jackpot.

Utilize a Dauber

Dauber increases your speed and makes it easier to mark the number called.


Bingo is one of the most loved games because of its enjoyable and fun nature. The game may seem simple on the surface but it does require strategies and determination in order to increase your chances of winning. Be careful not to over buy tickets and spend money thoughtlessly, consider how much you will spend a week and then make plans. As long as you are willing to make a healthy commitment to Bingo and understand its rules you will be perfectly fine.

If you have any questions, please ask below!