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Reducing Overheads in Your Business by Outsourcing IT Support to a Specialist

There are many reasons why businesses of all sizes and niches opt to outsource the management of their server and infrastructure to a trusted third party partner rather than recruit their own team in-house. In addition to being able to increase staff productivity thanks to your team now being able to spend their time on the job at hand instead of waste precious hours resolving disruptive IT issues, outsourcing your IT support can also unlock major cost savings.

Expenses cut

As a London IT Support Company we at Syntax Integration, we deliver a plethora of high quality, affordable and reliable IT support services so whether you are lacking essential IT expertise in-house or wish to complement the skills and experience of your own IT team, our professionals can help. Despite the UK economy gaining strength every single day, keeping a handle on your business' bottom line is still of utmost importance but how can outsourcing your IT support help you achieve this vital aim?

The true cost of recruiting an in-house IT team

With the average salary of an in-house IT Manager being in excess of £47,000 per annum, the cost of managing your own IT support team isn't cheap. For small to medium enterprises and start-up companies in particular, the cost of this annual salary is simply something that they cannot foot the bill for, regardless of the importance of technology and infrastructure management within their respective business. Paying this average salary (which can in some areas rise to upwards of £40,000 per annum) however does not guarantee you will receive the experience you need to push your business forward. In reality many businesses are disappointed with the knowledge that £30 to £40K can buy them as qualifications often do not mean experience.

Providing an annual salary of this nature to an IT Manager and all IT support team members however is just the beginning as there are often additional expenses such as recruitment, company benefits and ongoing training to ensure your in-house team stay up to date and implement the latest practices and technologies.

How much can you really save by outsourcing your IT support?

The cost savings associated with outsourcing your IT support however are exactly what makes working with a trusted third party provider one of the fastest rising business operations trends in the country. By outsourcing you don't have to maximise your IT expenditure to accommodate the salary and additional benefits demanded by an IT Manager and other support staff. Instead you can reduce overheads by paying a fixed fee for the support services and expertise you are currently lacking in-house.

As well as unlocking major cost savings, leaving you to spend essential funds elsewhere within your business, utilising the services of an outsourced IT partner has been proven to increase efficiency and staff productivity, whether you are searching for a fully managed solution or looking to complement a dedicated IT professional or designated employee based in-house. With outsourcing you and your workforce can focus on their primary roles within the business rather than spend valuable time resolving IT issues, whilst in-house IT teams will find that their currently stretched resources will go much, much further.

What IT support services are available?

There are various IT support services available that can unlock cost and time savings for your company. With over 23 years of experience in IT support and outsourcing, we have fine-tuned our long list of services to deliver complete solutions and responsive, reliable support to all our clients. Harness service desk management, server and infrastructure management, IT resources on demand, hosted IT infrastructure solutions and Apple Mac business support, and discover an outsourced service that works for you.

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