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Progene-A New Testosterone Supplement is Now at Costco!-Product Review


Costco: After getting this month’s mailer,I saw an interesting new product that I haven’t seen before. It’s an at-home testosterone test kit.

Sure we’ve heard lots about “low T” on all the commercials, but apparently, now I can check my levels from home with this simple spit test (don’t believe that it’s this easy- read about it for yourself).

They appear to be the only ones in the country doing something like this. In fact, I think any supplement that’s out there should be able to prove it works with some sort of testing- otherwise, how do we really know if it works or not? (of course, with testosterone, an easy, personal indicator would be the return of “morning wood” as levels increase).

Supposedly, by the time you’re 45, you could have lost up to 50%- definately a reason why things don’t quite work like they used to.

If you’re not a Costco member, another option is to get a referral code from your doctor- as a patient, I can get better pricing than what’s available anywhere online.

Either way, DoctorTrusted Progene seems like they know what they’re doing, especially when they’ve been around 3-4x longer than anyone else.

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