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Probiotic Supplements to Drink after Invasive Surgery

probiotics-supplementsAny time you open the body to perform surgery, you put the body at risk for infection. However, some surgeries are riskier than others. The more invasive the surgery is, the harder the immune system has to work to heal the body and resist infection. Probiotics help heal the immune system by restoring natural gut bacteria, and this can help speed up recovery.

Why Surgery Takes Such a Toll on the Body

Invasive surgery takes a major toll on the body, and in more ways than just the trauma at the surgical site. First, most patients are asked to abstain from food or water for the 12 hours prior to surgery, then may not eat or drink much after surgery while anesthetic wears off. This leaves the body in a state of mild dehydration.

Next, the body views surgery as a major trauma. The immune system is forced to work harder than it normally does to restore balance and heal the wound.

Finally, opening up the body for a major surgical procedure creates a large door for potential infection. Adding antibiotics to help prevent infection can weaken the immune system by destroying the good bacteria in the gut in addition to the bad bacteria that can cause infection.

The right probiotic can address all three of these concerns. Drinkable probiotic supplements that combine a rehydration formula with probiotics and nutrients will help prepare the body for surgery then restore it after surgery. re:iimmune® is a powerful illness recovery solution that combines Clinical Strength Hydration® with a package of essential nutrients, including a prebiotic and a complex of 14 probiotics to support intestinal immunity; providing the body with the right formula helps it needs for healing from a major surgical procedure.

What to Look for in Drinkable Probiotic Supplements for Surgery Recovery

Many products claim to be the best probiotics on the market, but when you are shopping for probiotic supplements specifically for post-surgery, look for several key factors. These are:

  • A mix of probiotics-A blend of powerful probiotics will ensure your body is properly supported.
  • Rehydration support-The fasting before surgery leaves the body slightly dehydrated.
  • Nutrients and electrolytes-Adding nutrients and electrolytes to probiotics help speed recovery.
  • Prebiotic-A prebiotic helps encourage growth of the healthy bacteria in the gut.

With re:iimmune®, you get all four of these factors in one powerful immune system boosting product. The oral rehydration formula includes a package of 14 probiotics, a clinical strength hydration formula complete with nutrients and electrolytes and the additional benefit of a prebiotic. Drinking re:iimmune® prior to your pre-surgery fast, and then drinking it as soon as you are allowed after surgery, will help ensure that your body is able to fight back after the trauma of surgery.

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