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Pre Purchase Car Inspection Gives You Peace of Mind

Car InspectionConsidering buying a used car? Before you buy, you may want to have pre-purchase car inspection. Having your potential new investment inspected by an expert can give you peace of mind. You work hard for your weekly pay check; you want to get the best value for your money.

What should a pre-purchase car inspection cover?

A pre-purchase car inspection confirms the condition of the vehicle. When you first look at a car, you may see a perfect running vehicle. Only later to find out the car has engine and mechanical problems. Or the frame may have been damaged as a result of an accident. Taking the time to have your potential new vehicle inspected could save you money. A good inspector will be able to spot major problem areas in any of the following:

  • Steering and suspension should be tested. If the vehicle pulls to one side, the frame may have been damaged during an accident. The wheels may be off their track which can create further problems in the future.
  • Electrical system should be working properly before purchasing. You want an inspector to check the central locking, air conditioning, lights, power windows, and the dash gauges. The inspector can give you an accurate date on the age of the battery in the vehicle. Fuses can be tested. What you may think is only a burnt fuse may actually be a larger electrical problem. Having the entire electrical system tested can save you money.
  • Underbody holds the fuel tank and hoses. The inspector will make certain everything is in proper working order.
  • Cooling system is essential in the running of your vehicle. Having the system test for leaks and pressure will reassure you everything is in proper working order. The radiator, water pump, fan and all the hoses should be inspected. Leaks or a hole in the radiator will be an added repair expense after you have purchased the vehicle.
  • The body and paintwork should be the factory original unless otherwise indicated by the seller. Touch up paint or a new paint job is a signal the vehicle has been in an accident of some sort.
  • Transmission and gearbox are other essential components of the vehicle. You want to know the engine is at proper running capacity. An oil leak can indicate a larger problem within the system.

Paper Work Check

Another factor to consider when purchasing a used vehicle is the paper work. A background check on the authenticity of the paper work is part of the pre-purchase car inspection. The paper work should be in proper order before purchasing. If there is any type of discrepancy, you may want to reconsider.

  • The VIN number under the bonnet should match all the paper work.
  • The registration should be free and clear for vehicle ownership transfer.
  • The engine number should be correct in comparison to the VIN. If the engine number is not correct, a different engine has been placed in the vehicle. You will want to know why; the car could have been through an accident.
  • The PPSR car history report, service history and log books can be inspected.

The reason to have any vehicle inspected is to ensure you are making a good investment. An inspection can help you identify any problem areas. If you are considering purchasing a used vehicle, Sydney Auto Inspections can give you the reassurance if your investment is the right choice.

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