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Popular Ideas for Teen Birthday Parties

kids-birthday-partyAs your child enters their teenage years, finding ideas to throw them a birthday party that's not only age appropriate but fun and memorable for them is often quite difficult. With many teens out there being past finding traditional child party games such as pass-the-parcel or pin the tail on the donkey much fun anymore, thinking of a party idea that they'll actually enjoy isn't always the easiest of tasks. Thankfully, we've come up with a list of popular party ideas for teens that will be enjoyable for everyone involved.


Teenagers tend to love spending time with their friends, so why not celebrate their birthday by letting all of their best buddies have a sleepover for the night. Whether you throw a party for them all or have a chilled night in with a film and their favourite take away is down to personal preference, but it's definitely an option that isn't too difficult to organise and will go down well.

Gaming Parties

Teenagers these days never seem to be off their gaming consoles, so why not celebrate their birthday by letting them do what they love doing the most with all their friends. One fantastic way to achieve an amazing gaming party for your teen is to hire The Games Pod from thegamespod.com, a gaming experience that your teenager will certainly never forget.


Is your teen a bit of a thrill-seeker? Why not celebrate their birthday by booking an activity such as skiing, indoor skydiving or an outdoor obstacle course? The best thing about throwing parties for teenagers is that they're now old enough to participate in most adult activities that you couldn't allow them to do when they were smaller, so whether it's abseiling or paintballing that your teen wants to have a go at, booking them onto an exciting activity with all their friends is a great way to celebrate their birthday.

Pool Parties or Spa Parties

More likely to be a popular option with teenage girls, opting for a pool party - weather permitting - or a spa party if there's not much chance of going outdoors is a great way to celebrate a teenager's birthday. Pool parties are a great hit in the warmer summer months and can be paired off with a barbecue and summer games to create a really great party experience. Spa or makeover parties are often a great hit with teenage girls also.

Weekend Breaks

Another great way to celebrate your teenagers birthday is to take them on a weekend break with all their friends - whether it be camping or staying in a cosy cottage or a log cabin where they can watch movies and have fun for a couple of nights. You might find it's a good idea to stay in separate accommodation though - kids might not be all to impressed about having the parents around all the time.

Remember, whatever party idea you choose, it's all about celebrating your teenagers birthday so think about what it is that they really enjoy to do.

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