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OEMsecrets.com - Changing the way buyers purchase electronic components

Engineers frequently talk about the need for expansion in purchasing tools on the web. A UK based company called OEMsecrets.com have created a comparison search tool which caters to the needs of electronics buyers. The price comparison website for electronic parts helps engineers to compare electronic component prices from hundreds of distributors. Buyers simply enter a part number and the website identifies which supplier is cheapest in an easy to view display for comparison, alongside stock availability, datasheets, images and a basket link to buy the product online.


If engineers are actively seeking to reduce the cost of builds and save money on component spends, then OEMsecrets.com can help. The comparison site lists pricing and stock availability from all the major franchised distributors, both in the US and Europe. From the likes of Digikey, Mouser, Arrow and Avnet, to Farnell, Buerklin, Schukat and Rutronik, the website includes an extensive range of different types of electronics distributors.

This is not just a search tool, it's the first price comparison of its kind in the electronics industry. It's modernising and revolutionising the way buyers purchase electronic components.

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