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Legendary Boxers Of The Twentieth Century

Professional boxing has been and remains one of the most popular sports disciplines around the world. Even in spite of the many negative factors associated with the sport, it is admired by spectators due to the strength of the spirit of the athletes entering the ring. Boxing involves incredibly huge sums of money that sponsors spend to watch and organize the fights themselves, as well as the victory of a particular boxer. That’s why professional boxers, who have reached considerable heights in their sport, are considered some of the richest people in the world. The following article describes what qualities great boxers should have https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1349115-8-characteristics-that-make-a-great-boxer.

Boxing Legends: the World’s Top Boxers

Usually, prestigious title fights in a certain weight class guarantee the boxer a stunning reward. Advertising alone placed near the ring where such a fight takes place costs an amount with several zeros. Companies that want to broadcast the fight on their channel also shell out considerable sums of money for the right to do so. Rewards for the boxers are made up of these finances.

However, such an award has not always been relevant to the fighters. Back in the middle of the 20th century, an athlete’s talent was determined not by the money credited to his bank account but by the recognition of his fans. And it could be proved only through a good fight and victory in the ring.

Joe LouisThe man grew up in the family of a black plantation slave where cotton was harvested. At the age of 14, the boy saw skyscrapers for the first time when he and his parents moved to Detroit. Within a couple of years, he managed to get his way as a boxer in the amateur ring, and from the age of 17, Louis started to perform at the professional level. The first prestigious award was won by him in 1937 when Louis fought James Braddock. In total, the boxer won 66 fights.
George ForemanHe is considered a legend in the world of professional boxing. Many people call him the heavyweight champion of the 1980s of the 20th century. George’s career lasted only 28 years. He managed to win the first champion’s belt in 1973. Also, he took part in the Open Championship 2 times in 1973 and in 1997. And for the first time, he won. The professional fight with Ali in 1974 is considered one of the greatest fights to this day.
Manny PacquiaoThe athlete performed in the welterweight category. The Filipino boxer is one of the few athletes who perform in the ring to this day. From 1998 to 2010 he managed to change 8 weight categories, getting the champion’s belt at the same time. Manny’s opponents were such famous boxers as Barrera, Hutton, Vargas, Moseley, and others. Today, besides his boxing career, Pacquiao is engaged in diplomacy.
Teofilo StevensonThe athlete has been called the king of the ring after he won three Olympics. Very often Teofilo was compared to Mohammed Ali. The reason for this was the similarity in the manner of fighting, thinking, and physical preparation for the fight. However, they never got a chance to meet on the same ring.
Evander HolyfieldThe boxer is deservedly considered one of the best as he used intelligent fighting tactics in the ring. His professional career began in 1984. During his heyday, he managed to achieve unbelievable things: he became the world champion 4 times, as well as the absolute heavyweight and light heavyweight champion.
Sugar Ray RobinsonThis is the athlete’s nickname. The boxer’s real name was Walker Smith. He stood out in the ring with his unique techniques and their quality. His career dates back to the period from 1940 to 1965. During that time, the boxer managed to change 7 weight classes. Many representatives of the mafia clan tried to pull him over to their side using their selfish ends. They were not successful.

The list of famous athletes in the world of boxing can go on and on. The only thing is that in the last century it was not possible to bet on boxing, as it is now offered by Las Atlantis. The website of gambling platform offers a large selection of gambling entertainment, which enables gamblers to enjoy the peculiar atmosphere of the gameplay. Also, the official platform of the casino offers to bet on boxing but first, you should get acquainted with the basic concepts of the discipline by clicking on the following link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boxing.

Best Boxers of the 20th Century

Yet the most famous boxer in the world is believed to be Mohamed Ali. He is recognized as the best athlete in this sports discipline in its history. In 1967, he made a firm decision – to refuse to serve in the army and be sent to Vietnam. He lost all his titles for these actions. However, this did not break the champion. Sometime later he regained all his titles in fights with great and famous heavyweights of the 20th century:

  • Foreman;
  • Patterson;
  • Fraser;
  • Norton, etc.

His last appearance in the ring was with the great Larry Holmes.

Experts in the world of sports didn’t forget to mention Rocky Marciano, who finished his professional career with 49 victories. And nearly all of them (43 fights) were finished by knockout. Rocky is considered to be the athlete of the 20th century and the one who left the ring undefeated. The most deserved award was received in the fight with Joe Louis in 1951. The fight lasted eight rounds. The result was a knockout of his opponent. Rocky ended his career in 1955. He had to fight Archie Moore. And in this fight, too, his opponent was defeated by knockout.

Experts believe that it was these boxers who instilled the love of many viewers in the sports discipline. They actually showed the whole world a real fight for the title.

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