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Infertility in Men-What You Should Know

Overview Men Infertility Infertility in men

Infertility among men is also one of the common reasons of reproduction among families keen to have babies. Though this problem of male infertility has been present since ages, yet females have been blamed for the fertility issue. However, with the advent of modern day medical sciences, the issue of male fertility has come to light. As per reports, 20 out of 100 men today face the problem of infertility, which is similar to the same amount of female in the society. Infertility in men is nothing but the lack of capability of males to produce kids with their female partner, which has now become an important issue of discussion in terms of its understanding and treatment.

Reasons For Men Infertility

Infertility among men is one of the common problems for not having reproduction. One of the common reasons of this problem comes in the form of sperm production or its transport. With the help of medical test, the doctor can be able to find out the exact reason of the male infertility in you. More than 33 percent of problems related to infertility among men is due to sperm production, which include lower volume of sperms production and sperm do not work properly. Same amount of problem caused due to improper making of sperm inside the testes. The other reason for infertility among men is the poor sperm transport, which is found every single out of five men. Lastly, the other big reason for infertility comes in the form of blockages, which bring in the problem of ejaculation.

205141Possible Men Infertility Problems

Due to male infertility the males facing the same can have a couple of problems, which starts with sperm production to transport and other issues. In terms of sperms, you can find problems like low sperm count among men, unable to quickly move the sperm, improper sperm movement due to seminal fluid having good thickness and lastly having no sperm at all. The other problem, which males encounter with the infertility problems, is ejaculation, which is also the common issues men fact with infertility. And lastly, you can also face certain unexplained infertility problems among men.

Other Factors For Men Infertility

Apart from the common issues and causes pertaining to infertility faced by men, there are number of other factors as well, which can bring out these problems. In case, if you have gone through procedures like radiation or chemotherapy for cancer treatment can bring in the problem for men infertility. If your body has been consuming environmental toxins like pesticides and toxins, you may face the problem. Similarly, the factors like alcohol, excessive of drug consumption, scrotum and testes injuries, smoking, overheated testicles, etc.

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