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How to Keep Your Car in Pristine Condition

Ever wondered how some people own cars for twenty years and it still looks as new as it was when they drove it out of the showroom? Many people don't know how to take care of their vehicle properly, which makes the vehicle look and feel old, dated and beat. Vehicle owners can commit to keeping their vehicle looking and performing ‘like new' if they regularly maintain and look after their car; especially if you plan to resell your vehicle in the future.trtwe

The guys from ‘The Car Buyers' offer the following handy tips on how to keep your car in pristine condition that will make your car look and perform better over the long term, and that will allow you to sell your car for more cash, should you decide to sell it in the future.

Keep the colour vibrant by having regular washes

To keep the colour bright, maintain a regular wash for your car that will get rid of dirt and grime. This will help to prevent any damage to the paint on the car. Try to polish the car after washes and to keep the tyres and rims as clean as possible.

Keep your car fresh on the inside

Keep your car looking and feeling fresh on the inside by regularly cleaning the interior. You can take actions such as:

· Vacuuming the carpet and the seats

· Dusting off the mats

· Cleaning the windows on the inside

· Polishing the dashboard

· Putting in air fresheners to enhance the interior aroma of your car

Look after your car's engine

The engine is the most important element of your car. The better the condition of the engine, the better the car should perform. Aim to keep the engine's oil at the right level, maintain regular services and check for any oil leaks. Should you decide to take your vehicle off-road, avoid taking it through waterways or on dust trails if the car isn't built for those conditions. If you are a proud owner of a four wheel drive or off-road bike, find out what they can or cannot do to avoid any potential issues that may impact the engine.

Maintain regular servicing and repair the car as and when needed

Firstly, the car needs to maintain regular minor and major servicing to ensure that the car is operating well. Furthermore, if you notice any potential issues with the car, visit a specialist to get the issue repaired as quickly as possible to avoid any extensive damage that could arise with the car. Make sure to keep a log of all service, repair and maintenance activities with your car.

Maintain your windows and mirrors

If you have any cracks or chips to your windscreen, seek to get them repaired as soon as possible. If you have tint on your windows, make sure that the tint is placed on the windows properly and that it isn't peeling, bubbling or looking damaged in any way. Furthermore, if your mirrors are damaged or scratched,repair them and ensure they look as good as when you bought them.

Dust off any cobwebs or dust

The main impression will be that the car is spotless. Avoid presenting the car with leaves, dust, cobwebs or anything else that may deteriorate the visual impression of the vehicle. Maintain the exterior of your vehicle by avoiding areas that may cause damage.Damage to your vehicle will deter the value appeal. Do your best to avoid blemishes on your car such as scratches and dents. Some of these include:

Parking under trees or power lines

Be cautious when parking, including parking under trees or power lines. Aim to park in an under covered area such as a garage or carport. You can also make use of a car cover for further protection against animals or natural elements.

Parking in areas with birds

Avoid parking in areas where birds are prone to leave their droppings on your vehicle. Should the birds leave droppings on your vehicle, make sure to wash it off immediately to avoid damage to your car's paint. Birds are prone to leave droppings on your vehicle if you park underneath power lines or trees. Be sure to look above to see if there is any risk when you are parking your vehicle.If you are keen to maintain that dealership shine with your car, follow the tips presented above and keep your car looking pristine over the long term.

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