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How Does Your Beard Grow?

beard growthBeing a beards man is that in thing nowadays. However, beard needs proper maintenance so it may grow well. Beard growth is a process that requires your dedication, determination and devotion. It’s so easy though, gentle reader, but once you have decided to start it, don’t turn back. Embark on it and embrace it!

So in order for you to get to grips with beard growth, I will be discussing with you how you can grow beard, how much time it takes and if you are not patient – how you can make it fast. There is a lot of effort needed that ranges from your lifestyle issues even your diet is a matter of concern too!

Well, to kick start our issue of beard growth, let us go to the core of the issue – how does beard grow? Then other surrounding issues will follow. So hang on and let’s have a go with it.

How does beard grow?

I will not be too academically oriented but beard follows a growth cycle. I will not focus on how to grow facial hair per se but how does beard grow? There are basically three stages in the growth of beard or hair in general. The first stage is called the anagen – this is the growth stage when beard will be moving at approximately 1 cm (0.3937”) per month.

Secondly, beard goes through the catagen phase, some call it the “boring stage” in the growth of beard. The beard will simply be taking a rest and not even growing an inch. Additionally, this is a very short period as well.

Last but not least, the final stage is known as telogen, I prefer to call it the “retirement phase”. Indeed that’s when old beard will be saying adieu and allowing new beard to take over. As soon as the old beard has gone for the exit, the cycle restarts. This is however a gradual process and you do not lose every bit of beard all at once – it happens periodically.

Factors that determine beard growth

As I stated above, beard goes through growth stages but it is a matter of determinant factors that come into play. However, if these go against you, do not feel intimidated, you are still a man. Options are always available for you to grow beard. You should take note of the following factors whenever you consider growing beard:


You are your DNA. Yes, beard growth has everything to do with your biological makeup. If you have the right genes that promote having rapid or flourishing beard – then your chances are increased. On the other hand, if you have the genes that do not give you the Santa Claus look, don’t despair. These chemical components of our human body have indeed an important factor in beard growth which is however, uncontrollable.


Another vital component is basically your age. Like wine, you become a beards man as you grow older. All of you probably know that at the onset of puberty, the man in us is revealed by the blackening of our mustaches or chins. For your information, beard growth is in its prime when you just turn over 25! So why not take advantage of such an age when you reach it and become a beard grower?

Lifestyle elements for promoting the growth of beard

Beard growth comes with a mandate of taking care of it properly. For real, if you cultivate a beard, you need to be on the watch for and stick to the ideal maintenance pattern. This task has to do with the issue of the bearer having to start adopting or letting go off certain attitudinal and behavioral traits such as:

  • Make the decision to grow the beard by avoiding the razor or other forms of beard removal for that period of beard growth.
  • If there is need, just trim down the unwanted components and proudly grow your beard.
  • Have beard oil within reach and apply it liberally as soon as the beard has reached the desired length.
  • Make it a habit to take a bath daily but also moisturize your skin especially the one surrounded by your beard – for maximum beard growth.
  • Another set of tools that encourage the growth of your beard whilst increasing blood circulation will be a combo of your beard comb and brush – always have these ready.
  • Live a stress free life – avoid any tension in your life. Try meditation, yoga or be in the presence of joyous people! A happy life encourages beard growth.
  • Sleep more for more beard! By taking a slumber for 8 hours, your chances of growing beard are boosted.

Food for beard growth

Of course, food plays an important component in the growth of beard. You have to stick to ideal eating habits or add some of the essential nutrients so that you encourage beard growth. Some of the food issues surrounding beard growth can be:

  • Meat (fish, lean beef, chicken) or legumes (beans, peas) are very high in protein and encourage beard growth.
  • Fruits and vegetables – these are rich in essential Vitamins (A, B, C and E) for the growth of beard.
  • Take as much water as you can – the fluid of life is also the fluid of beard; the daily dose of 8 glasses will reap tremendous results.

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