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How Can Electronic Cigarettes Be Better than the Traditional Ones?

Traditional cigarettes have along had a hold over people because of their aroma and fantastic smoking sensation. Now there is a healthier alterative to this, but one that is equally satisfying - the electronic cigarette. Using electronic cigarettes is certainly a better alternative to using the traditional types. They are the electronic version of the original cigarette and give an equally satisfying smoke. You will find using one to be easy and enjoyable. Just switch on the button and you are ready to go. There are so many benefits in using electronic cigarettes. Let's take a look

A healthier alternative

The liquid inside the cartridge of the electric cigarette will vaporize to give off smoke. This smoke instantly vanishes into the air, so when you use the device, there is none of the heavy smoke that is seen with traditional cigarettes. Hence it does not bring the dangers of passive smoking to the people around you. Another feature that will put people off you when you smoke real cigarettes continuously is stains on teeth, fingers, clothes and the smell of tobacco. With e-cigs this problem is no longer present. You can smoke confidently and not have people avoid you because of smell and stains.

Spend less annually on smoking

When you buy cigarette packs, a lot of money is spent on them to enjoy the smoking sensation. With e-cigs, you can enjoy the same feeling but without spending much. You can find brands giving you the most economical models that are strong and durable. One device can easily last for two or three years, if you use it carefully. Compare the amount spent on an e-cig device and e-juice to what is spent annually on real cigarettes. Isn't that a huge savings for you? Electronic smoking is more cost effective than traditional smoking.

Come off nicotine dependence

Electronic cigarette runs on e-juice which vaporizes to give off smoke. This e-juice has very low nicotine content so even if you smoke the device for long hours, your health is not going to get affected. You can opt for e-juice liquids with low nicotine percentage and even ones that do not have any nicotine at all. You can actually opt for an e-juice that has higher percent of nicotine initially and then gradually move over to ones with a lower percentage. In course of time, you can come off nicotine completely.

No need for lighter or ashtray

In order to make use of an electronic cigarette, you just have to touch the ‘on' button. In some models this is also not required because it turns on automatically, when it has power and off when it does not. So there is no need to spend money getting a lighter. You also don't have to put money in getting an astray.

Available in many models

Here are so many brands offering e-cigs nowadays. You can easily find a brand offering a model that is suitable for your usage needs. The latest models are very stylishly designed and you can see them available in so many colors.


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