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Freedom on the Road

There is a range of quality built, French-designed and lightweight motorcycle trailers called Erde. The presiding motorcycle trailer in Australia is a traditional, painted, heavy steel contraption that takes a gas tank and drinks the fuel like a fish off the wagon. Erde leisure trailers are specifically designed to surrogate the function of a car. Motorcycles can be less expensive modes of conveyance, and with a lightweight, well-engineered trailer, they can function in exactly the capacity as a two-seater car. The lids on Erde trailers slide open and lock tight, keeping belongings secure. Furthermore there’s nothing that says you have to use the trailer only with a motorcycle; though that is their design. Motorbike trailers are often of a sort of non-diverse persuasion in many Australian markets, however, so the adroit consumer should do his or her research carefully.


Finding an outlet that has motorbike trailers for sale is a good first step, but selection is what you’re after. The Erde trailer is a wonderful piece of engineering, and it’s affordable too. But it also isn’t the only type of trailer most operations offer. Some are very pleased to offer trailers for the transportation of motorcycles and sports equipment. Surely you could use that motorcycle trailer with a car as well; but most folks who have trailers for their vehicles are looking to cart a variety of things –probably more than the normal motorcycle trailer.

Imagine bringing your whole camp with you on a motorcycle and being truly mobile. Consider the Tour-Lite Roadster: it’s only 115 kg to begin with. That’s fairly light. The tent portion can be set up anywhere in less than five minutes, and the camper converts to a luggage trailer. The tent rests atop the luggage trailer and folds open to double the area atop the trailer. The entire Tour-Lite Roadster is galvanized, and the tent resting atop the trailer ensures safety and cleanliness. There is a supporting strut on the bottom for maximum stability, and multiple tie-down points surround the trailer in order to properly accommodate all the various items you may require for your motorcycle tour. Plus at only $3490, it’s extremely affordable.


Think about it: while a new motorcycle can be anywhere from five to fifty thousand, there are many used and older models available at a fraction of the cost. For three thousands, you can get a pretty decent bike. That means for about six and a half grand, you could yearly save thousands in petrol. Australian climates are particularly conducive to motorcycle tours, and with such motorbike trailers for sale, the whole thing becomes more feasible.

Some of the best travelling trailers can be found at Ende distributors. Run your budget, though. That trip is going to happen one way or another. Why not save money and let the free wind throw your hair around? Motorcycle travel is some of the most exciting. and the romantic nature of it can be had inexpensively. Furthermore, it’ll save you money in the long run. The allure of the road is its freedom, and its endless nature–when you know you can go about anywhere, and just let the dice land where they will, day or night, rain or shine.


Tour-Lite Camping and Leisure Trailers offers motorcycle trailers for sale at affordable prices. Their tried and tested products yearly bring freedom to some five thousand clients. It is easy enough to see why. Especially for those who still search for that core element, the open road is often calling. Sail the land on a wheeled boat with a poly-cotton sail between you and the stars.

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