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Do I Need to Use a Car Dealership Broker when Selling My Dealership?

erfgrvqdfeqIt's not difficult to sell a car dealership, but it is a complicated process. Dealerships commonly make up a majority of a person's net worth, which means the sale should be handled extra carefully by a broker. Not all brokers are created equal, though. Without the right one, you could end up being promised the world, but never actually see those results. With the right broker, there are a host of benefits.

1. Your intent to sell is confidential and a professional broker will guard that for you.

2. You'll get assistance when coming up with your asking price. It’s wise to never establish an asking price without coordinating with other market professionals.

3. You'll get help when it comes to marketing your dealership for sale. Together, you and your broker will choose a custom marketing method that's suited to your specific business.

4. Your broker will handle all inquiries, which lets you continue to focus on your daily operations and selling cars.

5. Your broker will conduct a national search to find as many qualified buyers as possible.

6. When you have multiple buyers interested in purchasing your dealership, your broker will analyze and compare the terms and the buyer profiles. Choosing the right buyer isn't just about money; there are a lot of other factors to consider, too.

7. Your broker will encourage the buyer to maintain momentum when going through with the deal so that the process doesn’t slow down or stall.

8. Your broker will draft an "Offer to Purchase," which your attorneys will use throughout the sales process.

9. Professional, experienced brokers will have developed relationships with national dealers, manufacturers, companies, and qualified buyers. They'll have network connections that you don't have.

10. A qualified, reliable broker will be able to offer you national exposure.

11. Your broker will have a systematic selling process, not to mention negotiation skills, that are tried-and-true.

When searching for a qualified broker, like the ones at PerformanceBrokerageServices.com/buy-a-car-dealership/, look at how long they've been in business for. Also, read customer testimonials to find out what type of experience other customers have had with the broker. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, plus hundreds of successful transactions, you're bound to choose a broker who will deliver on their promises.

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