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Computer Acting Funny? Tip Tips for Getting it Working Again

wgqergrwhtIf you're like most people you use your computer pretty much every single day of the week. You might even use your computer to do work on a daily basis, and if you work from home, that could mean a serious problem and a stoppage in your income.

However, a computer that isn't working properly doesn't always have to be a serious problem, and you don't always have to rush right out and buy a new one. If something is going on with your computer and it just isn't acting right, use these tips to help you figure it out without just replacing it.

Clean Your Computer

One of the biggest problems a computer can have, especially if you're using a laptop, is that the fan is clogged or that the inside of the computer is dirty. It should be noted that this can happen to desktop computers as well, so be on the lookout for it if you're using a tower with the fan in the back.

To fix this, the best thing you can do is turn the computer off and clean the vent with forced air. To use forced air properly, you'll want to use short bursts of the air from a few feet away - not pointing the air device right into the fan. If you do that, you could cause the fan to spin too fast and break.

You'll also want to use forced air to clean out any other ports on your computer and clear dust and debris from under the keys of your keyboard.

Close Programs

As your computer gets older it's going to run a little less efficiently because the hard drive is slowing down. Unless you have a solid state drive of course, but most people don't at this point in time. A computer that's running a little slower doesn't have to be replaced immediately.

To fix the slow speed, simply close down some of the programs on your computer. This can work wonders, especially if you're using programs like Adobe Photoshop or editing very large documents on your computer.

Limit what you do at one time and you could see your speed pick up considerably.

Replace Defective Parts

If you find that your fan or a key is defective and it's making work hard you don't always have to go to a specialist. You can order MacBook pro parts and other computer parts in the catalog from 0 to 661-6595 with ease.

Just make sure you can do the job on your own and that it won't void your warranty.

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