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Clever Ways to Upgrade Your Home

upgrade-home_mainKeeping your home upgraded with the latest and trendiest features is just one way to maintain its value and prevent it from becoming old and dated. But did you know that there are many clever ways that you can upgrade your home, and many of these tips don’t even require a lot of money to accomplish?

If you’re ready to bring some upgraded and updated features into your home, check out the tips below.

Make Fake Kitchen Drawers Functional

Do you have any fake kitchen drawers, and could you use some extra space in your kitchen? Then consider converting those fake drawers and actually making them functional in some way. For example, a clever way to upgrade this aspect of your kitchen cabinetry is by creating a spot for your paper towel roll to sit in. This will make it really easy to grab a sheet whenever you need it, as it will be within reach no matter what you’re doing, and it eliminates the need for a stand-alone paper towel roll that would take up space on your countertops.

In-Counter Storage in the Kitchen

If you find that you have trouble storing all of your food away, and you wish that you had still more countertop space in your kitchen, consider altering your countertops to allow for in-counter storage units that can hold bread and vegetables (at least those that can be kept at room temperature). This will open up space in your cabinets and make it easy to get exactly what you need as you prepare your meals. Plus, they’ll be hidden out of sight, which means you can keep a sleek appearance in your kitchen without having to work hard for it.

Add an Electrical Outlet to Your Bathroom Drawer

Now that you’ve upgraded your kitchen drawers, it’s time to upgrade your bathroom drawers. Do you need an extra electrical outlet to make it easier to plug in hairstyling tools like your blow dryer or curling iron? Then consider adding an outlet to the back of the inside of one of the drawers in your vanity. This is a great way to add more outlets to your bathroom without having to add them to your walls.

Upgrading Your Heating Fixtures

Designer radiators from companies like Warmrooms.co.uk are all the rage right now because they can make your home look modern, sleek, and innovative. You can choose from a variety of products, from bench radiators and stainless steel designer radiators, to heated towel rails for your bathroom and flat panel radiators. Depending upon your needs, budget, and interior design, you can find a more modern looking radiator that will effectively heat your home while enhancing its appearance.

These are just a few of the many innovative ways that people have updated their homes. And with so many amazingly clever, and surprisingly simple, ways to upgrade every room throughout your home, from your bedroom’s radiators, to the drawers in your kitchen and bathroom, there’s no reason why your home should ever look or feel dated.

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