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Choosing Colored Contact Lenses for a Different Look

Contact-LensesThere are various reasons why you may decide to use colored contact lenses. Some people use these lenses for correcting their vision and giving their eyes a nice touch at the same time whereas others solely use it for the purpose of enhancing the look of their eyes. There are different types of colored contact lenses that can be found in the market these days, which can serve the dual purpose of correcting vision problems and enhancing your eye color. They have become a popular accessory and are used to make a grooming statement. You can see a lot of people wearing tinted contact lenses for improving their eye color. There is no doubt that these lenses can be used for different occasions for a unique look.

The color of contact lenses can also be mixed and matched with your outfits. You can easily find colored contact lenses in numerous beautiful shades such as green, honey, violet, light blue, sea green, turquoise, aqua etc. Any color can be selected as per your preference or outfit. However, when you are choosing colored contact lenses, remember that you should take your own eye color and skin color into account to ensure there is no clash and you can wear them without your eyes looking strange or fake.

Here is a guide that you can follow when you aren't sure of what color of lenses to choose according to your skin type:

For Fair Skin

Those who have fair skin will discover that shades of blue and grey work wonders. Bright and shiny colors such as turquoise and Carrabin aqua are some good choices. These colors can give fair skinned people a touch of freshness and make their eyes beautiful and brighter.

For Dark Skin

Honey or autumn colored contact lenses should be your top choice if you have chocolate colored skin or a dark skin tone. These lenses will make your eyes glow and even add a hint of mischief. Misty grey or amethyst are good color choices if you are after a cooler look. These colors add a touch of sexy to your eyes and overall appearance. Blue or green colored contact lenses are also an option for people with dark skin tone, but bright color shades should be avoided at all costs because they can ruin your appearance.

For Tanned Skin

Bright colored contact lenses are an excellent choice for you if you have olive or tanned skin. The bright shade will give your face a glow. However, makeup should be kept minimum in such shades. For instance, green lenses and green makeup can clash. Honey, hazel and grey are preferred colors for such skin. Another color that's recommended is navy blue because it adds a subtle yet nice look to the eyes in dark skinned people.

You can use these guide for choosing colored contact lenses according to your skin type and purchase them from a reliable manufacturer such as Lens World to get the highest quality lenses for you.

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